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An Educational Partnership to Promote Early Childhood Development.

When you decided to become a parent, did you know you automatically became a teacher too?


Simple everyday interactions provide excellent opportunities to enhance your child’s development. Child development refers to the changes that occur as a child grows and develops in relation to being physically healthy, mentally alert and socially competent. The first five years of a child’s life are fundamentally important because their brain is developing faster during this time than any other time in their life.

Learning happens in the everyday moments that you share with your child. You are your child’s first teacher! Therefore, you play a major role in supporting your child’s growth, development and learning. The time you spend together will provide them with important lessons that will help them grow, develop and learn about their world.

Early childhood education professionals at Milwaukee PBS and Milwaukee Area Technical College realize the important role that parents play in their child’s life. As a result, these institutions have partnered to provide resources to support families with young children.

This website was designed with you in mind! It provides a host of resources to support how you currently encourage your child’s growth and development based on their individual needs.

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Take a look at the live production of What Matters Most: Your Child’s First Five Years for helpful tips on how to support your child’s growth and development.

Visit to learn more about the special.

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An Educational Partnership to Promote Early Childhood Development. 

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