Membership: Benefits, Privileges, Levels and FAQ
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Milwaukee PBS and PBS continue to offer wonderful programming each day as well as meaningful, inspiring specials from concerts to coverage of today's most important issues.

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Over 35,000 Members of Milwaukee PBS share the desire to support quality, diverse programs seen throughout southeastern Wisconsin and northern Illinois.

Our children develop strong building blocks from beloved programs such as Sesame Street and Curious George, while adults enjoy entertainment of Austin City Limits and Masterpiece and engaging programs about current events such as Frontline and PBS Newshour.

Your support as a member makes it possible for these and other fine programs to remain available to our community. Make a gift today!

When including Milwaukee PBS in your donation, please use the designation "Milwaukee PBS Fund." All contributions to support Milwaukee PBS are administered by Milwaukee PBS's Development Department and are deposited solely for use by Milwaukee PBS in the Milwaukee PBS Fund within the MATC Foundation, a not-for-profit organization under Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3).
Benefits & Privileges

The privileges of being a member are infinite. In addition to investing in the programming offered to our community, we keep you informed and up to date with Fine Tuning Magazine, a monthly guide of all channel offerings mailed directly to your home.

In addition, only members receive exclusive discounts to special events, timely updates and access to ON DEMAND program viewing with Milwaukee PBS Passport.

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Levels and Benefits
Levels & Benefits

Basic Level

  • Subscription to Fine Tuning Magazine
  • 15% discount on purchases @
  • Invitations and discounts to special events
  • Timely program and member updates via Tuned In, the Milwaukee PBS e-newsletter


$40 ($25 for Seniors [65+], Students and Disabled)

Sustaining Level

All above benefits PLUS

  • On-demand access to thousands of hours of PBS programs from your computer, tablet or mobile device and more! Learn More

MemberCard Level

All above benefits PLUS

  • Milwaukee PBS MemberCard, featuring 2-for-1 dining at area restaurants, discounts to area attractions and travel accommodations in the region
Milwaukee PBS Studio Club

Milwaukee PBS Studio Club

Gifts of $249 - $499

Individuals of the Milwaukee PBS Studio Club are unique investors who, in addition to the benefits of Membership enjoy enhanced privileges including:
  • Choice of a Thank You Gift according to your annual giving amount*
  • The opportunity to attend Milwaukee PBS Program Screenings and/or community-wide discussion forums
  • Guided tours of the Milwaukee PBS Studios
Milwaukee PBS Studio Club+

Gifts of $500+

All previous benefits, plus:

  • An additional Milwaukee PBS MemberCard
  • Annual Studio Club Donor Luncheon @ Milwaukee PBS Studios
  • Complimentary Parking @ Milwaukee PBS
  • Recognition of your gift in Fine Tuning, Magazine


*Note: choice of Thank You Gift could reduce the tax-deductible amount of total annual donation

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To learn more about Studio Club giving:

(414) 297-8020
Milwaukee PBS Membership

Guided studio tour
Glad you asked...
Membership FAQ


How do I contact Milwaukee PBS Membership?
(Monday–Friday, 8:30 a.m.–5:00 p.m.)

Milwaukee PBS
1036 N 8th Street, 4th Floor
Milwaukee, WI 53233-1443

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Is safe for online donations?
All transactions conducted on Milwaukee PBS.ORG are protected by a secure server which encrypts your credit card information when it is transmitted to the station for processing. Encrypted files are scrambled during transmission to us and back to you when we verify your transaction with us. Milwaukee PBS has partnered with VeriSign, a leading Internet security transaction firm.

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I made a donation during a recent pledge drive and will be receiving a thank-you gift. How long will it take to deliver it?
Membership thank-you gifts are sent to your home within 4–6 weeks of your contribution to Milwaukee PBS. In the event that your gift will be mailed beyond our timeframe, we will contact you to let you know of the delay.

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I recently made a donation to and will be receiving tickets to a live concert in the area. When will my tickets be sent?
Concert tickets received as part of your donation to Milwaukee PBS are mailed to you within 2-3 weeks of your concert date.

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I already sent in my membership renewal. Why did I just receive another one?
Membership renewal notices are sent each month using standard postage rates, allowing us to use more of your contribution for the programs and services you support. These rates may result in a longer delivery time to your home, and, on occassion, your renewal to us and our next notice to you may cross in the mail. If you have already renewed your membership and receive a duplicate notice in the mail, please discard it. To check on the status of your membership renewal call 414-297-8020 or email us at

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When does my membership expire?
You can find your membership expiration date above your name on the address label of Fine Tuning Magazine. In most cases, Milwaukee PBS Memberships are active for 12 months from the month that you join. However, Sustaining Partner Memberships never expire. Learn more here.

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Does Milwaukee PBS exchange names, addresses or email from its membership list?
Milwaukee PBS cannot sell its membership list to commercial entities. From time to time we do exchange our mailing list with other non-profit organizations in the area to expand our membership base and community support. Email addresses are never provided to any outside parties. If you prefer that we do not exchange your information with other non-profits, please contact the Membership Department at 414-297-8020 or

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My employer participates in a matching-gift program. How do I get the forms to have them match my contribution to you?
Matching gift forms can be obtained by requesting them from your Human Resources office at your place of employment.

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Is my membership tax deductible?
Your contribution to Milwaukee PBS is tax deductible to the full extent allowed by the law in the United States. U.S. residents who make donations and receive premium gifts above the minimum value established by the IRS will receive an acknowledgement letter that includes pertinent tax information.

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What is the Milwaukee PBS MemberCard?

MemberCard is one of the most valuable benefits you can enjoy as a supporter of Milwaukee PBS. Receive 2-for-1 discounts at over 200 participating restaurants, theatres, retail outlets, online shopping, museums, family activities and much, much more throughout all of Wisconsin and down to Chicago, Illinois. Plus, if you travel, you can extend your MemberCard benefits to other cities in the U.S.

To review the variety of participating venues in MemberCard, visit and select Milwaukee PBS (Milwaukee, WI) for an up to date listing.

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Can I purchase a gift membership for someone else?
Gift Membership is a great idea for any public television enthusiast. The recipient of your gift will receive benefits and privileges for a full year. Call 414-297-8020 or give a gift online.

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Can I make a gift in honor or in memory of someone?
Yes, Milwaukee PBS accepts donations in honor of a special person in your life. Donations can be sent to:

Milwaukee PBS Development
1036 N 8th Street, 4th Floor
Milwaukee, WI 53233

Please include the name of the individual your gift is made for, as well as the appropriate party we should notify of your generosity.

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How do I become a Sustaining Partner of Milwaukee PBS?
Your choice to become a part of the fastest growing part of Milwaukee PBS Membership is a wise one. Visit the Sustaining Partners section of our site to have ongoing monthly donations through your bank account or credit/debit card.

Sustaining Partner memberships are automatically renewed each year unless we are notified in writing by the donor.

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How do I change my contact information?
Contact us with any changes to your mailing or email address by calling 414-297-8020 or

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What is Fine Tuning Magazine?
Fine Tuning Magazine is the monthly viewing guide that provides program listings for Channels 10 and 36, and our digital channels (Milwaukee PBS Create, Milwaukee PBS Kids, World). Fine Tuning Magazine goes in-depth with PBS personalities, highlights community activities, brings you exclusive member opportunities and enriches your public television interests.

Members receive 12 full months of Fine Tuning Magazine as a benefit of basic membership and higher.

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I did not receive my issue of Fine Tuning Magazine this month. Why?
Fine Tuning Magazine is delivered approximately one week before a new month begins.

Changes to your mailing address, or the timing of the station receiving your contribution may be a cause. Sometimes, Fine Tuning Magazine gets lost in the mail. It happens! No matter what the reason, call us at 414-297-8020 or email so that we may resolve the issue quickly and send you a new copy.

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What is Milwaukee PBS Passport?
Milwaukee PBS Passport is a new member benefit from participating PBS stations that gives eligible donors and supporters extended access to an on-demand library of quality public television programming online. The PBS Passport library currently offers members more than 1,000 episodes to watch, with new PBS programs being added weekly. The library features episodes from popular programs like American Experience, American Masters, Antiques Roadshow, Nature, NOVA, and Masterpiece - including all six seasons of Downton Abbey. In addition to these signature series, the library is full of public television's acclaimed arts, science, history, and lifestyle programs; including How We Got to Now, Earth a New Wild, Austin City Limits, and a rotating selection of films from Ken Burns - currently Jazz and Unforgivable Blackness: The Rise and Fall of Jack Johnson. Get help with Passport online.

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How do I activate my Milwaukee PBS Passport?
Qualifying Milwaukee PBS Members register online with the email address on file with Milwaukee PBS and an activation token provided by the station. For assistance activating your account, visit us online.

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Donor Privacy Policy
Milwaukee PBS cannot sell its membership list to commercial entities. From time to time we do exchange our mailing list with other non-profit organizations in the area to expand our membership base and community support. Email addresses are never provided to any outside parties. If you prefer that we do not exchange your information with other non-profits, please contact the Membership Department at 414-297-8020 or

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