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About the Show


“How We Heal” is a series about mental health that explores education, resources and real-life stories to help shed light on an often-misunderstood topic in our communities. Our emotional and spiritual health is just as important as our physical health and often, directly related. 

Mental health has been identified as the number one health issue in Milwaukee County. In fact, according to the city, one in four adults living in Milwaukee is dealing with the mental health condition. 


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As a psychotherapist myself, I hope viewers find this information helpful in gaining perspective of their own mental health as well as how we view others.

Depression and Suicide, Part One

Terry McGuire, a mental health advocate and podcast host, shares her personal story of depression and healing.

Born from the depths of her own struggles, Terry's advocacy is rooted in authenticity and empathy. Through her podcast, she creates a safe space for individuals to share their stories, fostering a community built on understanding and support. But perhaps most impactful is Terry's willingness to share her own personal narrative—a narrative marked by the highs and lows of battling depression.

Depression and Suicide, Part Two

Have you ever felt the profound loss of someone dear to you, a loss that seems too heavy to bear? 

In times like these, it can be incredibly difficult to find the strength to carry on. But amidst the darkness, there is always a glimmer of hope, a light that beckons us to keep moving forward. On the upcoming segment of "How We Heal", Elizabeth Cramer gently explores the journey of David Bear, a man who faced the unimaginable loss of his wife to suicide.

Meet Elizabeth Cramer

Elizabeth is a licensed psychotherapist with over 15 years of experience in the field of mental health and multicultural counseling.  In addition to clinical sessions, she works with businesses and organizations to implement change management for reducing burnout and workplace stress. She is passionate about sharing mental health education and awareness through her workshops and keynote speeches while also serving in behavioral health leadership for Sheboygan County and the board of directors for Mental Health America Lakeshore.  

Elizabeth holds both a Bachelors and Masters degree (Educational Psychology - Multicultural Counseling) from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee as well as specialty training from the Carl Jung School of Analytical Psychology and Psychotherapy in Zurich, Switzerland.  She holds certifications in Hypnotherapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Advanced Trauma Counseling, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) while also working with a variety of alternative psychology and wellness modalities.

As an animal and travel lover, Elizabeth is often found on her rescue farm or hosting group tours around the world.