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Letters to Santa

Milwaukee Area Technical College television production students created a show starring kids' Letters to Santa in its 50th year! 

Heat up some hot cocoa and watch past season's episodes, or tune in to Milwaukee PBS to watch this year season's episodes featuring the 'elf-olympics'!

In “Letters to Santa” we'll see all the magical North Pole's holiday preparations. Santa's got some last-minute festival hiccups when kids show up a day early. We'll experience the start of this years' Elf Olympics, and learn more about important things to prepare for the holiday season. Plus, Santa will meet a slew of kids who have been really good this year and read their holiday letters!

Watch Online

Daily Episodes will be available to watch online beginning December 18th. 

Season 50 - Elfympics Ep 1

The North Pole is a magical place where a toy nutcracker comes to life by accident. At the Winter Festival, Santa reads letters to the children visiting.. Meanwhile, the elves are busy preparing gifts and competing in the annual Elf Olympics.

Season 50 - Snowy Snags Ep 2

In episode two, the weather at the Elfympic Village isn't cooperative, so events are postponed for the day... what a disappointment! But the Winter Festival is in full swing, so all sorts of things are being created to share with holiday gift makers. Plus, more kids are excited to see Santa for the first time since last Christmas!

Season 50 - 'Elf Confidence' Ep 3

In episode three, things get busy at the North Pole as Santa has got to really bring his 'A Game' so that he can read every child’s letter at the festival. Meanwhile, morale is down with the annual Elf Olympics competitions coming up. This episode will focus on one elf starting to feel down about their abilities, as they work hard to compete. And exciting and new ways to bake cookies.

Season 50 - 'Eager Elves' Ep 4

In episode four, explore the different meanings behind gifts for the holidays. Throughout the episode we follow a child who is missing their father who is away. In the end the magical toy will gift the child a toy soldier that represents their father so they won’t feel so alone this holiday season. 

Season 50 'Inner Elf-Champion' Ep 5

In episode five, a heartwarming holiday special, 'The Olympic Elf,' Santa Claus inspires a self-doubting elf to overcome his insecurities and compete in the North Pole Olympics. With flashbacks to their touching in-studio encounter, the episode culminates in a festive celebration of unity and joy among the North Pole's residents.

"We hope you have a safe and relaxing holiday season."

"We hope you have a safe and relaxing holiday season."