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Classroom Materials for Grades 1-4
Choose the Curriculum Approach that is right for you.

Dear Teachers Grades 1-4,

We are pleased to present this adventurous, rich and flexible online curriculum to accompany “The Making of Milwaukee”(MOM) produced by Milwaukee Public Television.

The MOM primary curriculum is organized into four historical themed sections. They align with particular “The Making of Milwaukee” Video Chapters. Lessons are organized within these four themes to assure you maximum flexibility in your teaching. Each historical theme includes numerous learning activities that can be used as single lessons or as part of an ongoing investigation of Milwaukee history.

Four Historical Themes and Appendices

Access four Social Studies Historical Themes and Children’s Literature Appendices customized for Grades 1-4.

Social Studies Content Themes

Access 16 Social Studies Themes customized for Grades 1-4.

Original 1-4 Classroom Curriculum

Download the original 1-4 classroom curriculum. Organized around four major historical themes, these lessons tie into the original series.

Teaching and Learning Strategies

Access Teaching and Learning Strategies using "The Making of Milwaukee" as content base for Grades 1-4

Making of Milwaukee: The Next Chapter

Download the latest curriculum that aligns with the film series, "The Next Chapter."

Film Series

Code available through your school district curriculum department.

The historical themes are: Early Milwaukee, Coming to Milwaukee, Working in Milwaukee, and Modern Milwaukee.

These four historical themed sections feature:

  • Invitational Activities: Stimulate student thinking, curiosity, and imagination about themes in the chapter lessons before viewing the Making of Milwaukee Video Chapter(s).
  • Essential Questions: Overarching questions that connect the learning activities to “BIG Ideas,” or larger questions of history and the human experience.
  • Key Concepts and Vocabulary: Investigate key ideas in the historical curriculum and help students place new vocabulary in an historical context.
  • DVD Response Activities: Provide a variety of activities to engage students in exploring and learning the content after viewing the Video Chapter(s).
  • Then and Now Activities: Make a direct link between history and students current lives. Encourage them to explore connections between the past and present.
  • Learning Outside the Classroom Activities: Connect classroom learning to learning opportunities in the Milwaukee community.
  • Milwaukee Trivia Activities: Quickly check student knowledge about Milwaukee facts and knowledge.
  • Timeline Activities: Help students contextualize the lessons into the larger time-frame of Milwaukee History.
  • Discussion Questions: Probe students understanding about the content of the Video Chapter.
  • Wisconsin Model Academic Standards: Quickly identify the pertinent standards taught in each lesson.

This web site also presents resources for student involvement:

Click here to explore a detailed Milwaukee Time Line, engaging interactive Newspaper and Scrapbook Writing activities, Maps, Milwaukee Trivia, Who am I?, and Then and Now activities.

The Image Library takes you to an extensive collection of Milwaukee photos for use in Interactive Lessons and other activities.

We are pleased to present these lessons to teachers who seek flexible, classroom-tested curriculum materials about Milwaukee’s colorful history. We hope that you will find this curriculum creative, useful and relevant to what you teach, and to the way that you teach.

Original Making of Milwaukee Curriculum Committee: (2006-2007)
Beverly Cross, Curriculum Committee Chair, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Glen Allen, Milwaukee Public Schools
John DeRose, Whitefish Bay Schools Linda Tiezzi Waldera, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Grades 1-4 Curriculum Adaptations: (2008-2009)
Linda Tiezzi Waldera, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Thanks to the following educators for their input on the MOM Grades 1-4 Curriculum (2008-2009)
John DeRose, Whitefish Bay Schools
Christina Flood, MPS Social Studies Coordinator
Kristen Gerkes, MPS Teacher, Riley Elementary
Jo Pirlott, Curriculum Director, Muskego-Norway Schools
Maureen VanderHoof, MPS Teacher, Riley Elementary