Milwaukee Area Technical College students enrolled in the Television and Video Production program have the opportunity to learn and work in the studios of Milwaukee PBS, a national leader in high-definition production and programming.

Students acquire industry-standard skills for broadcast TV, cable, and corporate or commercial video. This is one of the few programs in the entire country in which students gain direct, hands-on experience with HDTV production and broadcasting.

One day each year students "take over" Channel 36 and Milwaukee PBS viewers get a chance to see examples of their work.

10 Years on the Road

Student Ops 2018 | Program | MPBS Student Concerts

Student producers Wendy Kujawa and Morgan Walker look back at 10 years of concerts recorded for Student Ops Day at Milwaukee PBS.

Wendy Kujawa

Student Ops 2018 | Program | Reel Milwaukee

This one time show aims to display and grow the visual storytelling community, and perhaps the somewhat unknown history Milwaukee has in film. Supporting local filmmakers, and theater houses is important, both for them and our city. By spreading this knowledge, Milwaukee can become a bigger film making hub.

Ethlean Peacock

Student Ops 2018 | Program | Moment with Africans

Moment with Africans is a lifestyle show that came about the many Africans who lived in U.S trying to incorporate the western life style into their families, daily lives and at the same time keep their traditions and cultures but find it hard for their children born or raised up here to cope with. It is a lifestyle show which will comprise of a studio discussion, mini-documentary and field package

Belinda Bell

Student Ops 2018 | Program | D-Rock’s Bio

Inside look into the life of comedian D-Rock.

Max Michalski

Student Ops 2018 | Program | Zombie Movie That Didn't Work

Max Michalski, creator of the failed zombie movie known as "Different", takes the time to explain why exactly it failed in the first place. He also explains the plot of the film and gives behind the scenes footage to show what the film might have looked like had it been fully completed.

Jennifer Monk

Student Ops 2018 | Program | Hip Hop Culture

Mison Rock

Student Ops 2018 | Program | Health Unknown, Mison Rock

Ryan Enbom Carlo Rosillo & Kami Dorn

Student Ops 2018 | Program | At First Sight

A psychological horror/thriller centered around a romantic couple.

Shawn Stembridge

Student Ops 2018 | Program | 1-2-3 MKE

She'Mariya Hurt

Student Ops 2018 | Program | I'm Not My Hair

Each program will feature one African American girl who’s natural. The scope of the series will be geared toward those who are not only natural but also interested in learning more about African American hair. Topics will include, daily hair routine, questions regarding her hair and how she’s coping with things after her big chop.

Evaughn High

Student Ops 2018 | Program | Don't Count Me Out

Documentary Dennis Morris (Mongoose) professional boxer loses his license to fight for three years due to no wrong doing.

Jeff Jelenchick

Student Ops 2018 | Program | Milwaukee Notes

Milwaukee’s diverse and rich music scene is explored. Those involved in the music industry, from performer to engineer, talks about music in Milwaukee and how we can further the musical culture.

Eliseo Ramirez

Student Ops 2018 | Program | Milwaukee Hidden Treasures

Celina De Leon

Student Ops 2018 | Program | I’m Coming Out

Darrell Robinson

Student Ops 2018 | Program | A Silent Story, Darrell Robins

This show takes the viewers on a journey of the hidden treasure of dance in the Milwaukee area. We have some very talented people within the city that are doing miraculous things in life, And they are telling their silent story.

Jesse Bucio

Student Ops 2018 | Program | Craft Life, Jesse Bucio, Airda

An insight to the life of a crafter/artist and a demonstration.