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Milwaukee Area Technical College students enrolled in the Television and Video Production program have the opportunity to learn and work in the studios of Milwaukee PBS, a national leader in high-definition production and programming.

Students acquire industry-standard skills for broadcast TV, cable, and corporate or commercial video. This is one of the few programs in the entire country, in which students gain direct, hands-on experience with HDTV production and broadcasting.

One day each year students "take over" Channel 36 and Milwaukee PBS viewers get a chance to see examples of their work.

Abraham Delira

Student Ops 2019

Cherry Davis

After having a terrible day at school, a young college student decides to dig up his dead mother's brujería (witchcraft) set and conjure a spirit that will make him feel better but gets far more than he wished when the spirit that answers his spell turns out to be his guardian angel.

From producer Abraham Delira.

Group 8

Student Ops 2019

Super Happy Fun Time

Katie and her puppet roommates struggle to adjust to life as ordinary adults.

Producers: Donovan Hemphill, Nicholas Slayden, Austin Diaz, Ashley Greenwald.

Group 2

Student Ops 2019

Around Milwaukee

Travis Tackes

Student Ops 2019

Places, Places, Places

A series that explores the American counties, small towns, and cities. Covers the history, safety, schools, favorite places, hidden places, traditions, events, and cultures.

Ryan Enbom

Student Ops 2019

Creature Creek

A diverse cast of cute, monster puppets spend their time playing pranks, causing mischief, and solving problems, all while learning to embrace their fellow monsters.

Group 9

Student Ops 2019

Taste Test

This episode will be about 4 foodies going to 3 different restaurants and taste testing the vegan burger there. They will describe the burger in detail and the restaurant environment. We will also get inside the restaurant's kitchens and conduct interviews with the owners and/or employees about the restaurant. This show will provide a glimpse of local eateries in Milwaukee.

Matthias Knapp

Student Ops 2019

Seeing Seasons

a nature documentary about the changing of the seasons. this episode focuses on the transition of winter into spring.

Marshall Zempl

Student Ops 2019

EPROD Showcase,

Michel Cros

Student Ops 2019

Shall We

This is a documentary style show which shows the different kinds of latin dances in Milwaukee, focusing in different areas like social dancing, performing, and dancing as a healing. This show pretends to inform the audience and show different perspectives from people involved in dancing from the community.

John Carlo Rosillo

Student Ops 2019

Smalltown (Ep 2)

Smalltown is a sitcom-style dramedy that deals with six teenagers who are trying to figure out themselves. One particular teen is Charlotte, who's moved from the big city to smalltown Baymont.

Celina DeLeon

Student Ops 2019

Toxic: Massif Culture Affined

A panel discusses what it means to be a man, what toxic masculinity is, and how these affect men growing up.

Taylor Padgett

Student Ops 2019

Max Frost Live at Turner Hall

Live concert at Turner Hall from Max Frost in Milwaukee Wisconsin

Group 3

Student Ops 2019

Occupation Nation

Follows a 30-year-old burnout, played by Ian Mcallister, living with his mom. Trying to turn his life around, he attempts to get a job. However, his efforts never seem to be enough.

Lawrence Evans

Student Ops 2019

Spotlight, Lawrence Evans

A showcase of interesting people and things around the city of Milwaukee!

Group 1

Student Ops 2019

Night Studies

A freshman college student attends a late night study session only to discover that it is a cover-up for cult activities.

Producers: West Hawkins, Gabby Nasby, Ellis Lynch, Joyce Fuller, James Edwards

Group 7

Student Ops 2019

Mic Drop

A young talent, Adrian, struggles to find success in the music industry, especially after being shut down by his Idol, Jay B.

Producers: Duncan Fox, Austin Gunderson, Kyle Melka, Symeon Robinson