She'Mariya Hurt

Student Workshop | Program | From MPS to Success

To follow the success stories of people who went to a MPS school and to show how MPS got them ready for the real world.

TVWORK4214, 4214

Maya Norman

Student Workshop | Program | The Old-Fashioned Happy Hour

We take a look into what makes the Brandy Old-Fashioned the "unofficial" Wisconsin cocktail.

TVWORK4213, 4213

Jennifer Hope Monk

Student Workshop | Program | Day in the Life of Kelly Kellz

Documentary of Comedian.

TVWORK4212, 4212

Eliseo Ramirez

Student Workshop | Program | The Dream Won't Stop

The content of this program is to show the viewers how the dreamers are fighting to demonstrate the government and society that they are valuable people for this country. It is not only about students but we are talking about doctors, teachers, architects, etc.. that are been useful to the society.

Interviews will also be made to the families that are been affected and we will also show the differ

Devion Yarn

Student Workshop | Program | Comics: Visual Literature, Dev

This show will focus on comics and why they are so interesting to read.

TVWORK4209, 4209

Evaughn High

Student Workshop | Program | Homeless Conspiracy Theory, Ev

Successful white business guru, Gary Madison, observes a large of amount of money being generated with Milwaukee homeless individuals at stoplights/intersections. He, in turn, figures out a way to enterprise a team of unsuspecting homeless workers to create an empire.

TVWORK4210, 4210

Shawn Stembridge

Student Workshop | Program | Milwaukee Strong

SHOWING POSITIVE PEOPLE working to CHANGE Milwaukee's inner city for the better.

TVWORK4207, 4207

Celina De León

Student Workshop | Program | Still a Dreamer

A resource show aimed towards DACA recipients along with heartwarming stories.

TVWORK4208, 4208

Mison-Sowande Rock

Student Workshop | Program | Defend Your Home, Mison-Sowand

TVWORK4206, 4206