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Celebrate Black History Month this year with a closer look at the lives of various Black Americans who have made indelible marks on history with their artistry, professional achievements, and community activism. We've compiled a list of films premiering this month, as well as programs available to stream in February.
The Arts Page: Black History Month
Thursday, February 2, 7:30 PM, 10.1

On this episode of The Arts Page we celebrate Black History Month. We bring you four stories of African American artists that are thriving in the arts. We’ll meet an ancestral funk singer, a talented portrait artist, an accomplished muralist, and a coloR-blind impressionist painter
Independent Lens – The Picture Taker
Monday January 30, 10:00 PM, CH 10.1

The vibrant, complicated life of Ernest Withers African American photographer of the Civil Rights movement, and paid FBI informant was anything but black and white.
NOVA: London Super Tunnel
Wednesday, February 1, 8:00 PM, CH 10.1

Thousands of engineers, technicians and workers race to build Europe's biggest construction project, London's new railroad, the Elizabeth Line.
Making Black America: Through The Grapevine
Friday, February 3, 8:00 PM, CH 36.1

If you missed this thought-provoking series this fall, here is your chance to watch it. Hour one explores how free Black people, in the North and South, built towns, established schools, held conventions - creating robust networks to address the political, economic, and social needs of the entire Black community.

Hour two explores how African Americans turn within, creating a community that not only sustains but empowers. From HBCUs to Black businesses to the Harlem Renaissance to political organizations, Black life flourished.

Watch episodes three and four on February 10 at the same times on Milwaukee PBS 36.1. 

The King’s Speech
Saturday, February 4, 8:00 PM, CH 36.1

England's Prince Albert (Colin Firth) must ascend the throne as King George VI, but he has a speech impediment. Knowing that the country needs her husband to be able to communicate effectively, Elizabeth (Helena Bonham Carter) hires Lionel Logue (Geoffrey Rush), an Australian actor and speech therapist, to help him overcome his stammer. An extraordinary friendship develops between the two men, as Logue uses unconventional means to teach the monarch how to speak with confidence.
New Animated Preschool Series – Work It Out Wombats
Monday, February 6, 8:30 AM, CH 10.3 (KIDS)
Milwaukee PBS premieres a PBS KIDS new animated preschool series that introduces computational thinking concepts that will help young viewers solve relatable problems, learn flexible thinking and how to express themselves. Work It Out Wombats premieres February 6on Milwaukee PBS 10.1 and Milwaukee PBS KIDS 10.3. The show stars a playful trio of marsupial siblings who live with their grandmother in their treehouse apartment complex. In addition, other characters include snakes, moose, kangaroos, iguanas, fish, tarsiers and eagles who bring varied skills and a different point of view to the Treeborhood. Catch the new program at 9:30 am weekdays on Milwaukee PBS 10.1 and at 8:30 am, 12:30 pm on Milwaukee PBS KIDS 10.3. 



Lied Lodge Tour 
May 15-18, 2023

Join Milwaukee PBS on a four-day bus experience to Lied Lodge in Nebraska, and visit the Morton Mansion and the Arbor State Historical Park. Stay at The last remaining Frank Lloyd Wright hotel in the world in Iowa. Explore The Villa Louis a National Historic Landmark located on St. Feriole Island, in Prairie du Chien.

They Made America Tour
May 30- June 3, 2023

Join Milwaukee PBS on a 5-day day bus trip as we delve into the famous and unknown individuals that help create American history, from presidents’ wives to Underground Railroad conductors and everything in between.

National Railroad Museum Trip
June 7, 2023

A one-day bus experience to The National Railroad Museum in Green Bay, WI. Enjoy a Hobo lunch, then discover The National Railroad Museum's 33 acres with a guided tour of the collection housed in the interior space.

The Henry Ford Tour
June 15-17, 2023

Milwaukee PBS invites you on a 3-day bus trip to Michigan. Experience the rich history of Greenfield Village, The Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation, the Rouge Factory Tour and more.

New Life Lavender and The Ringling Brothers
June 21, 2023

A one-day bus experience to Baraboo, WI. Visit the New Life Lavender Cherry Farm for a self-guided tour, shopping and a treat.


Milwaukee PBS KIDS Writers Contest Runs from January 1, 2023 to March 24, 2023

It’s back!! The Milwaukee PBS KIDS Writers Contest 2023 is back after being on pause during the pandemic. This year we celebrate the 27th contest and look forward to seeing this year’s entries come in.

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Storming Caesars Palace
Wednesday, Febuary 22, 2023

Join the 2022 Independent Lens Pop-Up Panel Discussions.

How Vegas activist Ruby Duncan's grassroots movement of moms fought for a universal basic income.

Paradise - Passport

Paradise is an exciting series now available with Milwaukee PBS Passport. This profound drama portrays tightknit relationships between workers at a store amidst the societal expectations of the 1950s. Don’t miss this Italian-language series with English subtitles.
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