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Adelante: Mayor of Fitchburg/Kids and Social Media
Thursday, April 25, 7:30 PM, CH 10.1

Adelante chats with the mayor of Fitchburg, Wisconsin -- Julia Arata-Fratta. Also, Adelante explores the hot-topic issue of social media and children.  Plus, we visit the Milwaukee PBS Table Talks for a discussion on Climate Change, a special series that focuses on issues surrounding the upcoming Presidential election, presented in partnership with the Civil Dialogues of Marquette University.
Changing Planet: Coral Special
Wednesday, April 24, 7:00 PM, CH 10.1

As we continue to celebrate Earth Month, join Milwaukee PBS for Changing Planet: Coral Special. Conservation scientist Dr. M. Sanjayan takes us on a global environmental health check of seven of Earth's bellwether biomes. From the Arctic to the Amazon, these vulnerable habitats are changing, revealing surprising animal behaviors as species adapt.
A Brief History of the Future: Human
Wednesday, April 24, 8:00 PM, CH 10.1

Ari Wallach investigates the human ability to increase empathy and compassion, what values we are instilling into artificial intelligence technologies, and creating a better world for human life to flourish on this planet.
Now Hear This: Old Friends
Friday, April 26, 8:00 PM, CH 36.1

Explore how virtuosos become maestros and discover their guiding principles through host Scott Yoo's long friendships with Grammy winner Yo-Yo Ma, pianist Richard Kogan and violinist Lynn Chang.
Art Happens Here with John Lithgow
Friday, April 26, 9:00 PM, CH 36.1

Join actor John Lithgow as he returns to school to demonstrate the transformative power of arts education. Immersing himself with teachers and students, he explores four disciplines: dance, ceramics, silk-screen printing, and vocal jazz ensemble.
Commercial Free Movies: A Place In The Sun
Saturday April 27, 8:00 PM CH 36.1

Our Saturday movies are COMMERCIAL FREE!  This Saturday, join Milwaukee PBS CH 36.1 for A Place In The Sun staring Clift Montgomery, Elizabeth Taylor and Shelley Winters.  Winner of 6 Academy Awards including Best Director, A Place in the Sun tells a powerful story of a working class man who falls for a wealthy girl.  Based on Theodore Dreiser's book An American Tragedy.

The Arts Page has rebranded and gone digital! Every week we will be releasing new stories about Milwaukee area artists, Milwaukee art and more stories from Wisconsin's creative community.

This week we introduce you to Thai Thao, a.k.a. Thai a legend in the Hmong community. Thai founded the Sounders in the early 90's with the goal of marrying Hmong culture with western music. He has been described in rarified air with comparisons to Jimi Hendrix and The Beatles.

On this episode of “The Missing Peace,” we talk to male advocates working to reform men with a history of battering. Will Singleton of The Alma Center and Shawn Muhammad of the Asha Project break down their approaches to anti-violence work, healing from the inside out. 

Hosted and produced by Alexandria Mack and Scottie Lee Meyers, with reporting supported by the International Women’s Media Foundation. 
Nature Cat's Nature Movie Special Extraordinaire

Monday, April 22, 11:30 AM, CH 10.1
Thursday, April 25, 11:00 AM, CH 10.1

Nature Cat and his pals realize they've come to the end of their Nature Curiosity
List - what else is left to discover? Meanwhile, Sir Galahad gives himself the title of
King moves into a barren castle and steals pieces of nature to make his castle
look more beautiful. Oh no! Find out how they solve their conundrum while also
saving the forest from Sir Galahad's grip.
Get ready for unforgettable experiences that will create lifelong memories! This week we want to feature a day trip to Dixon, IL, where we will delve into the youthful years of Ronald Reagan, the beloved 40th President of the United States. 

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