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Scottie Lee Meyers

Scottie Lee Meyers is a millennial with a newspaper subscription and a native Milwaukeean who believes Bob Uecker calls a better game when the score is lopsided. Meyers is an Emmy Award-winning multimedia producer and journalist for Milwaukee PBS. Before that, he was at Wisconsin Public Radio, where he produced “The Kathleen Dunn Show” and filed stories for the statewide network. Over the years, Meyers served as a Wisconsin Policy Forum fellow at Marquette University and reported for several newspaper outlets, including Gannett, The North Coast Journal and Two Rivers Tribune. He’s also a proud AmeriCorps alum. He lives in the Riverwest neighborhood with his golden retriever Patsy. 

Contact Information:
414-297-7562 office

Twitter: @scottieleemeyers
Instagram: @scottieleemeyers

Multimedia Producer, 10Thirtysix ™, Speaking of Podcast

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