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Scott Boris Woodturner

Scott Boris is one of this year's Milwaukee PBS Great TV Auction featured artists. While filming components to be used as an on-air feature story, digital storyteller Brian Ewig captured some compelling moments. Told by use of creative cuts and interview techniques this piece helps you learn more about the craft of woodturning and the reason Scott Boris chose this as the medium for his art.

Mackinac Island Adventure 2019

Delight in the wonders of Mackinac Island with Milwaukee PBS June 11-13, 2019. Experience all the island has to offer with historic locations…carriage rides…great shopping…Elegant dining…and of course, an overnight stay at the historic Mackinac Island Grand Hotel. For more information on how to join Milwaukee PBS for this June adventure to Mackinac Island, Call 414- 477-0155

from Milwaukee Independent | Transformative Journalism


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As Milwaukee gears up for the 2020 Democratic National Convention, city leaders, members of Business Improvement Districts (BID) and Neighborhood Improvement Districts (NID) came together in Riverwest for a two-way fact-finding and brainstorming session about keeping the expected $200 million generated over 4 days in the city. >> Read the full story @ Milwaukee Independent

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The Arts Page | Ayad Akhtar - When is a play finished?
The Arts Page sat down with Milwaukee native and Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Ayad Akhtar to talk about his creative process. In this exclusive, he gives us insight into knowing when a play is "finished". To learn more about Ayad Akhtar, watch his full feature on The Arts Page, episode 704 (Art That Gets You Talking).

Ways to Spend Money to Make the World a Better Place

Making the planet better is a heartfelt goal for most of us. But it’s difficult to know how one person can do that and truly make a difference. Jane Mosbacher Morris has some ideas.