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Everett Marshburn Gold Circle Honoree

At Saturday's 65th Chicago/Midwest Regional Emmy Awards, it was announced that our very own Everett Marshburn will be receiving an unprecedented recognition for his contributions to television. 

During the ceremony, Wisconsin's 2024 Silver Circle honorees were unveiled for their 25 years of work in the television industry. It's a who's who of broadcasting. But Everett won't be going into the Silver Circle. Everett will be inducted into the Gold Circle. He becomes the first person in the state to be bestowed with this honor. 

Everett has been producing public television stories for more than 50 years. He joined the Milwaukee PBS team in 2006. Before coming here, Everett worked for Maryland Public Television for more than 30 years. 

If you are fortunate to know Everett, we know that this is about more than his longevity. This is about his storytelling. It's about his dedication to the craft. It's about how he approaches the people and issues at the heart of his stories with a trademark humanity. He's shined a bright light on an array of important topics, including the civil rights movement, the AIDS epidemic, and veterans returning home from various theaters of war. 

He is respected in every corner of Milwaukee — from city hall hallways to church basements — and is involved in many civic and charitable organizations. He's also been an important mentor to the next generation of storytellers, and the next-next generation. 

His award cabinet is full with Emmy Awards, awards from the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) Awards, from the Milwaukee Press Club, from the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association, and many, many others. He's also previously received distinguished awards for his leadership from NABJ, Diverse and Resilient, and already has a spot on Maryland Public Television's Alumni Wall of Honor.  

So please join us in congratulating the one and only Everett Marshburn. You can watch Everett's recognition from Saturday's Emmy Awards here

2023 Public Media Awards

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