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Milwaukee PBS KIDS Writers Contest 2020 - Winners
PBS Kids Writers Contest Graphic

After a delay due to COVID-19, Judges have selected the winners for the Milwaukee PBS KIDS Writers Contest 2020. Local children from communities throughout southeastern Wisconsin drew on their boundless imaginations to create unforgettable characters, exciting plots and expressive illustrations.

The contest is designed to promote hands-on, active learning for children in kindergarten through third grade. Children write and illustrate their own original stories. This year there were 229 entries.


First, Tessa W. - Ziggy the Mermaid

Second, Riley A. - Dragon Tail Speedway

Third, Logan F. - Be Good to Your Body

Special Merit, Saanvi K. - The Family VS The Snow Monster

Ziggy the Mermaid Book Cover

First Grade

First, Jordy W. - The Big Old Maple Tree

Second, Mason T. - The Crazy Crocodile Doesn't Know

Third, Liam A. - The Baseball Tryout

Special Merit, Amelia G. - Looking for Snowy

The Big Old Maple Tree Book Cover

Second Grade

First, Hosanna P. - Mud, Grass, Leaves & Snow

Second, Declan F. - All About Trees

Third, Brandon B. - The New Sea Animal

Special Merit, Anderson B. - The Adventures with A.J. in the Amazon

Mud, Grass, Leaves & Snow Book Cover

Third Grade

First, Joaquin M. Super Socky - Part 3 - The Socky Legacy

Second, Zofia C. - Did That Just Happen?

Third, Brianna P. -The Spot That Escaped

Special Merit, Amelia S. - The Musical Present

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Super Socky Legacy Book Cover

Special thanks to the Betty Brinn Children’s Museum and the Kiwanis Club of Milwaukee for their generous support.

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