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10thirtysix™ first introduced Milwaukee PBS viewers to Kelly Eger in February of 2018. Kelly is the mother of Linkin from our award-winning “My Friend Linkin” story. Linkin had a brain tumor and his friend, Naudia Greenawalt, wrote a children’s book about cancer and her friend’s fight to beat it.  (See those stories below) 

Re-introducing Kelly Eger

Kelly has a big heart and wants to continue to help people in their battles. After her church collected supplies for Ukrainian refugees, she decided to help distribute those supplies personally to those in need.

Milwaukee PBS followed Kelly’s Journey to Ukraine through her own experiences and reflections. She shared her first video with us as she prepared for her trip. It was a busy time, but she was able to record her thoughts and what she was experiencing.

We will be featuring her journey on 10thirtysix™, our award-winning monthly news-magazine program. The first story will air on August 18 at 7:30pm on Milwaukee PBS, Channel 10.

Kelly's Journal

From the producer, Maryann Lazarski:

When I interviewed Kelly, she mentioned a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson that influenced her journey:

In part, “The purpose of life is not to be happy, but to be useful…”

She put those words into action on her trip to Moldova and the Ukrainian border. Kelly is also a woman of faith and shares with us the Bible verses that have touched her life as well. It’s no wonder she is the compassion director at her church.

You will also hear from her husband and son Linkin (My Friend Linkin), and the affect the journey has had on her life's purpose.

Watch the full episode on YouTube

Kelly introduces us to Oleg Reutki, the Moldovan Pastor who is doing his best to help Ukranian refugees.

Taking a moment to reflect, Kelly shares that there is very little difference in a world so far away. 

My Friend Linkin

My friend Linkin is a book a young girl (Nadia Greenawalt) wrote about her friend's (Linkin Eger) battle with cancer. | November 2018

My Friend Linkin | The Story Continues | December 2021

My Friend Linkin, The Story Continues 

We catch up with Naudia and Linkin. Now they're writing their fifth book to help make a difference in another friend's life. 

Introducing "My Friend Itzel"

The first bi-lingual book, My Friend Itzel focuses on relapse and remission.