We are now accepting donations for the 2018 Great TV Auction!

Drop off donations at the new Great TV Auction Offices located at 1027 North 7th Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53233

Download and complete the donor form

Help us fill our shelves and display tables! Your donation helps to support the great programs seen on your local PBS station!

Drop Off Hours Through April 11, 2019
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

For donations of larger items or to make arrangements to drop off outside regularly scheduled hours, please contact us in advance at greattvauction@matc.edu or (414)297-7036

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New Great TV Auction Donation
Free short term parking available
Items we will graciously accept
Antiques - Collectible items that have a high value due to their rarity, age, authenticity, historical significance, and condition.
Antique Firearms - Only certified antiques can be accepted.
Antique Furniture - Items in good condition can be accepted/delivered to Milwaukee PBS. Please call ahead due to space limitations.
China - Porcelain or bone china should be in complete sets and flawless condition.
Gently Used items with an opened original box - will be evaluated on a case by case basis.
Gift Certificates - Goods or services for currently operating businesses or from individuals. Certificates must not expire within the calendar year.*
*Issuer of gift certificate can stipulate the terms of its use as long as they are clearly stated in writing at the time of donation.
Newly Handcrafted Items
New Items - Full/complete sets, in the original box with packing material.
Gourmet Gifts (Food & Beverages) - We will accept physical product and gift certificates for food, beverages, and restaurant/catering services*. Our warehouse has refrigeration and freezer units for perishable items.
*please check the expiration dates before donating.
Print & Original Art - Preference is for art that is framed and of new quality.
Sports Memorabilia - New quality souvenirs or keepsakes directly connected to an athlete, athletic team, or sporting event or location.
Items we will no longer accept due to space limitations
Chipped or incomplete - sets of porcelain or bone china.
Collectibles - poor condition due to overuse or damage.
Firearms (unless certified antique) - we are unable to accept firearms.
Furniture (unless antique) - only good quality, antique furniture will be accepted.
Mass produced items - we are sorry, but collectible plates, glassware, animal, or human figurines will not be accepted. (Cherished Teddies, Precious Moments, Beanie Babies)
Print & Original Art - faded, torn, stained, or otherwise damaged.
Sports memorabilia - In poor condition due to overuse or damage.
If you have any questions about an item you wish to donate, please contact the Milwaukee PBS Great TV Auction Offices at (414) 297-7036 or email greattvauction@matc.edu.