Milwaukee PBS KIDS Young Writers Contest 2019 - Winners
2019 PBS KIDS Writers Contest Winners

18 local children from communities throughout southeastern Wisconsin drew on their boundless imaginations to create unforgettable characters, exciting plots, and expressive illustrations. Milwaukee PBS announced the winners for the 2019 Milwaukee PBS KIDS Young Writers Contest, which marks the 25th consecutive year of the contest.


First Place - Gus Leistikow, Eden - Ice Cream Party!
Second Place - Braydyn Ebert, Caledonia - The Brightest Star
Third Place - Braeden Enright, Union Grove -We Go Camping
Special Merit - Amelia Green, Salem - The Hungry Elephant

First Grade

First Place - Annunciato Muro, Milwaukee - The Missing Color
Second Place - Declan Flaherty, Eden - All About Bones
Third Place - Mia Rose, AKA Amelia Ard, Grafton - Meet Pubble
Special Merit - Stella Charles, Bristol - The Zoo Party

Second Grade

First Place - Emrey Kennedy, Raymond - The Great Ocean Adventure
Second Place - Evan Kildau, Milwaukee -The Mailman and the Talking Birthday Card
Third Place - Charlotte Dammann, Kenosha - The Nasty Seagull
Special Merit - Joaquin Manzano, Milw - Super Socky Gets Married
Special Merit - Reyse Steffen - Natural Dye Fun

Third Grade

First Place - Pira Jordan, Shorewood - Pira's Greek Mythology
Second Place - Addison Matthews, Salem - What Should I Write About?
Third Place - Carson Gerou, Bristol - Farming Past to Present
Special Merit - Calum Morrison, Franksville -A Delicious Tradition
Special Merit - Ella Schaefer, Lannon - The Weekday Surprise

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