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  • 25 Years on the Farm (1986)

    A look is taken at how a typical farming community in southeastern Wisconsin has evolved as a result of the changes in agricultural production over the pst 25 years.

  • 4th Street Forum (2002)

    4th Street Forum is Milwaukee's only weekly televised town hall discussion series. A nonpartisan program which promotes public discussion of political and social issues.

  • 5 Browns as the Pabst (2006)

    The 5 Browns, a quintet of sisters and brothers whose extraordinary piano performances have put them at the top of the classical music charts, play at the Pabst, a restored 1895 theater in downtown Milwaukee, WI. Performing together, individually, and in different combinations, they create a unique phenomenon in classical music that is reflected in the title of their album, No Boundaries. The Juilliard-trained concert pianists Ryan, 20; Melody, 21; Gregory, 23; Deondra, 25; and Desirae, 27, present music by Gershwin, Dvorak, and other great composers, which showcases their extraordinary gifts. Recorded during the summer of 2006.

  • 8 Missing Pieces to a Complete Life with Susan Wehrley (2007)

    Susan K. Wehrley presents information from her new book, The Personal Leadership Puzzle: 8 Missing Pieces to a Complete Life! Susan has more than 25 years of experience in sales, marketing and training, and is the Corporate Training Facilitator, President and Owner of Susan K. Wehrley & Associates, Inc. in Pewaukee, WI.

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  • A Day in the Life of Milwaukee (2001)

    Emmy Award-winning producer Dan Jones takes a colorful look at some of the reasons Milwaukee is such a Great Place on a Great Lake. The special is a visual collection of images showing the history of Milwaukee in the first year of the 21st century, from Bob Uecker calling a Brewer game in the Milwaukee County Stadium, to Art Altenburg singing about his southside Milwaukee tavern. This is the sixth program in a series of documentaries about Milwaukee neighborhoods put together by Milwaukee native Jones.

  • A Midsummer Night McGivern (2007)

    An evening of amusing adventures and warm memories of summer with Milwaukee's own John McGivern. Taped at Vogel Hall, June 26, 2007.

  • A Visit with Andre Rieu (2005)

    In September of 2005, a few months before his first-ever Milwaukee, WI, concert, Maestro Andre Rieu looks forward to a very special night of music and entertainment--and invites Lamont McLoughlin, President of the Channel 10/36 Friends, Inc., to fly to Maastricht, Holland. The visit with Rieu includes a personal tour of the Rieu home--actually a chateau or castle--and a lengthy conversation with the Maestro. McLoughlin found him extremely friendly and charming, and pleased to show off his home, through McLoughlin, to all his fans in the Milwaukee coverage area. McLoughlin had a delightful visit with Rieu, and enjoyed Maastricht, a lovely, old, European city of 140,000.

  • Adelante (1999)

    Adelante! is a weekly, locally produced series celebrating the rich heritage of Latino people.

  • AIDS: The Quiet Secret (2005)

    The effects of AIDS on Southeastern Wisconsin's population, and efforts to manage the spread of the devastating illness are explored. People from the Milwaukee area, including Tracey, Dale, Maurice, and David--share what it is like to live with Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, and look at the disease's effects on various segments of the community. The documentary also covers topics such as preventing AIDS by practicing safe sex; the importance of testing for HIV--the virus that leads to AIDS; and the value of early treatment.

  • Alaska's Bald Eagle (1992)

    New threats to survival. The largest gathering of bald eagles in the world meet on the Chilkat River to feed on salmon. Will a proposed mining development endanger them?

  • Aldo Leopold: His Life and Thought (1988)

    Famed conservationist and author Aldo Leopold shares his thoughts on the environment.

  • American Birkebeiner (1988)

    Over 5,000 amateur skiers compete in a cross-country race that follows a 55-km course through the rolling forestland of northern Wisconsin.

  • Antique Wheels Parade (2010)

    Channel 10 presents live coverage of the Milwaukee Public Museum's Antique Wheels Parade. More than 100 antique and vintage cars , trucks and related modes of transportation wind their way along Wisconsin Avenue, from the courthouse to the lakefront.

  • Are We Americans? Somos Americanos? (2001)

    The challenges facing Mexican-Americans living in the US is discussed in a one-hour roundtable discussion.

  • Art's Place (various episodes) (1990)

    Arts' Place celebrates the performers and artists of Wisconsin's arts scene. Each week, Arts' Place continues to present a timely feature highlighting events, shows, and concerts.

  • Arts Digest (2010)

    Hosts Jon Anne Willow and Tom Strini explore arts and culture in Milwaukee. Local actor and humorist John McGivern is also featured.

  • At Issue (various episodes) (1982)

    Bilingual education, marital property reform, police-community relations, dometic violence?At Issue devotes a full hour of discussion to these topics and more. Larry Bandy hosts.

  • Auction Preview (2011)

    An exciting preview of merchandise up for bid as part of Milwaukee PBS's annual auction. Highlights include original artwork, collectibles, antiques, jewelry, vacation & leisure packages, sports equipment, furniture, oriental carpets, and much more.

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  • B Is for Bread (2001)

    Father Dominic, host of the popular PBS cooking show Breaking Bread With Father Dominic, makes a special guest appearance in the Channel 10 studio to bake in between four episodes of his series, which include A Fresh Start, Out of Africa, Kids in the Kitchen, and Tea Time.

  • Bach Choir of Berlin (1992)

    The 80-voice Bach Choir of the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedachtnis-Kirche (Emperor William Memorial Church) perform at Kenosha's Carthage College.

  • Backyard Birdwatcher (1995)

    Coming soon.

  • Ballymore Losers (2001)

    One of the two-act operas commissioned and premiered by Milwaukee's Skylight Opera Theatre features Hanna and Andy (Leslie Fitzwater and David Barron), who are the Losers in this tragic comedy. This middle-aged couple live in Ballymore, Northern Ireland. They long for a life together at Riverview, the cottage of their dreams. But those dreams are frustrated by Hanna's demanding mother (Marni Nixon), piously grating neighbors, and the power of a doubtful saint. Composer Richard Wargo combines beautiful love songs, an operatic rhumba, and madcap action to create this tune-fulled comedy.

  • Ballymore Winners (2001)

    One of the two-act operas commissioned and premiered by Milwaukee's Skylight Opera Theatre features the Winners Mag and Joe (Alicia Berneche and Jeffrey Picon), who are young lovers with the world before them. They enjoy one day high on a hill overlooking the town of Ballymore, Ireland. These two portray the mercurial moods of adolescence with honesty, humor, and great tenderness. Joe's aria, Sleep Mag, is a touching love song which the Skylight's Artistic Director Richard Carsey calls a bit of American Puccini. The vigorous, innovative stage action was created by director Dorothy Danner.

  • Before the Bars (1999)

    It's the kind of situation that every parent fears: an adolescent son or daughter is accused of breaking the law. Today, juvenile delinquency is no longer something that's read about in the morning newspaper, it is faced by one's own family. In this program, host Mark Siegrist profiles two innovative programs designed to spare kids from the ultimate consequence, juvenile prison.

  • Behind the Headlines: Inside the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (1987)

    A fascinating behind-the-scenes look at one of the oldest newspaper companies in the country: an employee-owned company that dominates the local media market. Hundreds of thousands of people a day read the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and it is Wisconsin's largest and most influential newspaper. The special answers questions about what makes a daily newspaper, such as: How does the paper decide what to cover? Who picks the headline? Who picks the front page picture? How important is the sports section? How do the printing presses work? Will the Internet version of the paper replace the paper version? How much money does the company make? Unveiled in 1995, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel resulted from the merger of the Milwaukee Journal (1882) and the Milwaukee Sentinel (1837). Dan Jones presents a rare look inside a company which has a major influence on the community.

  • Bill Needler's Success Special (1984)

    Bill Needler is the managing director of Career Forum, which helps provide help to people who are seeking or changing jobs. Needler take a new look into management principles that should control the behavior and success of private and public sector managers.

  • Black & White in Milwaukee: The First 100 Years (1984)

    This documentary explores the history of Milwaukee through the eyese of both its black and white pioneers. A community cast of over 50 recreates the life and times of these brave people.

  • Black 47 with the Trinity Irish Dancers (1999)

    Popular Irish rock group Black 47 perform, with a special apparance by the world champion Trinity Irish dancers.

  • Black Nouveau Live Special: School Safety (2010)

    Coming soon.

  • Blueprint for Tomorrow's Education (2010)

    This documentary takes a look at how schools, businesses, and communities are partnering to prepare students for the 21st century workplace.

  • Borris Beat (1989)

    MATC telecasting students produce news show for Viacom cablevision. The Boris Beat with Lanie Borris premieres on Viacom Cable Channel 5a. The Boris Beat program features local political, business, and community leaders from in and around the community.

  • Brady Street (2010)

    This program looks at Milwaukee's most unique street--and its people.

  • Braves New World (2009)

    In 1953, the Boston Braves became the first major league team in 50 years to relocate. They made their home in Milwaukee, and in 13 seasons, they never experienced a losing season. Award-winning documentary producer William Povletich captures the history, drama, excitement, and surprises the Milwaukee Braves had in Milwaukee and the world of baseball. Povletich is a Wisconsin native and UW-Oshkosh graduate. He is also the author of When the Braves of Bushville Ruled Baseball? for the Wisconsin Magazine of History, and Milwaukee Braves: Heroes and Heartbreak from the Wisconsin Historical Society Press.

  • Bridging Our Futures (1996)

    Milwaukee PBS and Today's TMJ4 join together to provide complete coverage of President Bill Clinton and German Chancellor Helmut Kohl's visit to Milwaukee

  • Bud Selig, Baseball Baron (1998)

    Mark Siegrist hosts this look at one of baseball's most public, yet private figures. The former president and CEO of the Milwaukee Brewers had been baseball's Interim Commissioner for nearly six years before he took the official title of Commissioner of Major League Baseball. Other baseball barons felt that Selig's work ethic, consensus-building skills, and passion for the game made him the clear choice. Among those appearing are U.S. Senator Herb Kohl, retired Milwaukee Judge Robert C. Cannon, and longtime Milwaukee-based public relations executive Ben Barkin,in addition to former Milwaukee Brewer players such as Cecil Cooper, Larry Hisle, Sal Bando, and, of course, Bud Selig himself.

  • Building the Denis Sullivan: Milwaukee's Tall Ship (2002)

    The story is told of how Milwaukee built a tall ship--a Great Lakes schooner: The Denis Sullivan--the first schooner to be built on the lakes in over 100 years. A dedicated group of volunteers and experienced shipwrights--lovers of boats and the lake--tenaciously recreated the type of ship that once dominated the sweetwater seas. The program includes historical segments about life on the lakes and in Wisconsin during the great age of sail, written by historian John Gurda. Original music composed by Maurice Wininsky.

  • Business of Wisconsin (1979)

    Important and controversial economic/business issues are discussed.

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  • Candidates for Governor Debate (2010)

    Gubernatorial candidates Tom Barrett(D) and Scott Walker (R) participate in a debate hosted by the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association Foundation. WBAF President John Laabs moderates. Panelists include Mike Jacobs, WTMJ-TV, News Anchor-Reporter, Sue Ramsett, WSAW-TV, News Director/Anchor, and Shawn Johnson, State Capitol Correspondent, Wisconsin Public Radio. (Live from the WTMJ TV studios in Milwaukee)

  • Caregiving Town Hall Meeting (2004)

    Challenges of taking care of loved ones who cannot care for themselves are explored in a town hall meeting. Caregivers deal with questions on issues ranging from financial assistance to working through family conflicts and stress, to care planning, to employee flextime. Experts from social services, insurance companies, health care agencies, and other community resources help provide answers. The Town Hall Meeting was taped Nov. 8, 2003, by Milwaukee PBS, at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and was sponsored locally by Interfaith Older Adult Programs and UWM's Center on Age and Community, in conjunction with the TV special And Thou Shalt Honor, produced by Dale Bell and Harry Wiland, chronicling the struggles of people who care for aging parents, grandchildren, and others. The presentation is one of a series being held across the country, culminating in a 2004 national Washington, DC, meeting. Mark Siegrist served moderates.

  • Celebrate New Ownership in the Heart of Milwaukee (2010)

    The success of the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority's (WHEDA) three year, ten million dollar lending program is celebrated.

  • Centennial Green: The Over and Under story of the US Forest Service (2008)

    Legendary Wisconsin songwriter Warren Nelson and the Big Top Chautauqua Band of Bayfield celebrate the US Forest Service in song with historic images and film as a backdrop at Milwaukee's Pabst Theatre. (Recorded in High Definition, 2007)

  • Challenge of the Century (1982)

    This hour-long special tells the story of the Milwaukee Water Pollution Abatement Program to expand and improve the sewerage system of metro Milwaukee.

  • Chemical People, The (1984)

    Drug and alcohol abuse among teenagers and pre-teens is examined.

  • Cherry Picking, Apple Blossom Time (2009)

    David Greenberger's converstations with elderly Milwaukeeans are backed by music composed by Paul Cebar.

  • Chief Justice Renquist (1987)

    WMVS/WMVT covers Chief Justice William H. Renquists speech at Milwaukee's Pfister Hotel Grand Ballroom.

  • Children's Fair (1967)

    Coming soon.

  • Christmas Songs with Mel Torme, Maureen McGovern & Doc Severinsen (1992)

    Grammy Award-winning trumpeter Doc Severinsen is joined by Maureen McGovern and Mel Torme--along with the Milwaukee Symphony Pops.

  • Chronicle of an Abortive Coup (1991)

    Latvian television officials smuggle exclusive tv documentary to Milwaukee PBS. The program chronicles the attempted Russian takeover of the Latvian press building and facilities in Riga.

  • Circus in the Sky (1988)

    WMVS/WMVT is the exclusive live broadcaster of the fabulous Circus in the Sky fireworks display from McKinley Park.

  • City of Festivals Parade (1986)

    WMVS provides two-hour coverage of the parade celebrating Milwaukee's strong cultural and ethnic heritage.

  • City of Steeples (1997)

    Mark Siegrist narrates a visit to some of Milwaukee's religious jewels, featured not only for their architectural beauty, but also for their richness of ethnic and religious traditions. Profiled are Grace Lutheran Church, St. Hyacinth Catholic Parish, All Saints Episcopal Cathedral, St. Paul's Episcopal Church, St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Cathedral, St. Joseph's Convent Chapel, and St. Mark African Methodist Episcopal Church.

  • Classic Car Shop (1989-)

    This 13-part series on car restoration provides step-by-step plans for restoring the interior and exteriors of classic cars.

  • Classroom Crucible (1993)

    Teachers, administrators, and others working in the filed of Education are profiled, as they perform their day to day duties.

  • Collector's Corner (1981)

    This series explores the collection and making of various arms, posters, catalogs and ammunition.

  • Colorlines (1984)

    Colorlines is a sparkling anthology of black accomplishments, talents, and trends.

  • Communication Skills I and II (1988)

    The traditional communication skills of writing, speaking, listening, and reading are explored.

  • Conciencia (1990)

    Important issues in the Hispanic community are explored. Milwaukee PBS's first program produced for Second Audio Program.

  • Consruction Industry: Is It Safe? (1991)

    The safety of heavy equipment in Wisconsin is examined. Operators, labor leaders, legal officials, and others are interviewed.

  • Contours of Culture (1980)

    Host Rabbi Francis Barry Silberg and guests examine ideals which continue to shape Western civilization.

  • Cooking Raw (Series) (2010)

    Certified Raw Chef Caroline Carter and daughter Shenita Ray prepare popular dishes with \raw\ ingredients. Recipes include: Taco \meat\ made with walnuts; spaghetti using zucchini, marinara sauce and kale salad;gluten free desserts; and,burgers using sesame seeds, mushrooms, carrots, and other vegetables.

  • Cooking Simply for the Soul (2006)

    Motivational speaker, life coach, and self-taught cook Tyler Brown makes T's Kitchen Sink Chili, and shows what to do with those chili leftovers. Tyler also talks about change and how to enjoy the journey. This unique 13-part season features Tyler cooking up chili, cornbread, chicken soup, fried fish, and other tummy warmers generously seasoned with self-esteem, stress-busters, goal-setting, and other aspects of personal growth.

  • Cooking with a Continental Flavor (1976)

    Chef Jean Paul Weber prepares famous European dishes. He shares his expertise in continental cuisine and creates mouth-watering dishes.

  • Country Christmas (1985)

    In this holiday special, the Drep farm homestead in Sheobygan County is visited; the Husa family and friends prepare for the holiday season by making quilted pillows and wreaths.

  • Creating The Life You Want (2006)

    Based on motivational speaker Susan K. Wehrley's two books, The Secret to 'I Am' and The Power to Believe, this 90-minute program, taped in October of 2005, at the Sharon Lynne Wilson Center in Brookfield, WI, leads participants to: master the ability to stay calm, be confident, and get connected amidst difficult people and situations

  • Critique (1977)

    Panelists weigh in with their book reviews.

  • Crossing the DMZ (1995)

    In 1970, Dennis Darmek served with the 7th Marines in the Que Son Mountains of Vietnam. Twenty years later, he returns. His non-traditional journey is captured on film.

  • Crosstowne Harmony (1989)

    A Milwaukee-area group of women known as the Sweet Adelines perform Barbershop music in classic style.

  • Cuba, Before (2002)

    This look at Cuba shows how it exists today, before highly anticipated political and social changes become reality. Cuba has been a forbidden island since the U.S. placed it under embargo in the 1950s, prohibiting all trade, as well as visits by Americans. Now the country's leader, Fidel Castro, grows older, and may soon step aside. Many changes are ahead. Producer and host Jim Peck introduces people from all walks of life in Cuba, asking artists, tobacco farmers, politicians, and many others about life on the Caribbean island.

  • Curtain Parted, The (1990)

    This documentary explores how 20 Wisconsin business leaders overcame language barriers, unfamiliar customs, and lengthy meetings in order to establish initial business ties.

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  • Dave & Carole-ing For Christmas (2007)

    Dave Luczak and Carole Caine, longtime co-hosts of the WKLH radio morning show, lead a holiday variety show on the stage of the Riverside Theater in downtown Milwaukee. The evening features the Holy Redeemer Gospel Choir, comedian John McGivern, and other local talent. The show includes a tribute to Veterans and a few special surprises.

  • Deer Hunt (Part of the Outdoor Wisconsin series) ()

    The hunting forecast, an update on chronic wasting disease, and other issues of special interest to deer hunters is presented in this pre-season overview of one of the Wisconsin's favorite sports activities. This program includes comments from Wisconsin's Department of Natural Resources representatives, who discuss deer population, hunter safety, rules, regulations, and related subjects. Outdoor Wisconsin's Dan Small hosts.

  • Different Stages (1988)

    Dancer-choreographers looking to take dance beyond the traditional stage are profiled.

  • Dig It (1972)

    Landscape Architect Tom Lied offers ideas on how to create, construct, and care for outdoor living spaces.

  • Dinosaur: The Bull Lizard of Hell Creek (1995)

    Young Paleontologist Rolf Johnson wrestles with fossilzed bones of a Torosaurus dinosaur in this adventure-style documentary.

  • Discovering MacBeth (1996)

    Power, murder and madness. Actors in UW-Milwaukee's Professional Theatre Training program seek the burtal essence of Shakespeare's play.

  • Discovery World: Imagination Unleashed! (2006)

    Same-night coverage is provided of the grand opening of Milwaukee's lakefront attraction, Discovery World at Pier Wisconsin. The facility has a variety of hands-on exhibits focusing on science literacy, innovation, and creativity, and water resource education, including the TechnoJungle, the Rockwell Automation Dream Machine, and much more. The Hive, a collaborative effort with Milwaukee Area Technical College, explores distance learning, and the latest interactive technologies in an exciting virtual environment, using Information Age tools. Aquarium exhibits look at life underwater by following the sailing voyage of the S/V Denis Sullivan tall ship, from Milwaukee to the Caribbean.

  • District Economic Progress Special (1983)

    Viewers are encouraged to call in with questions about a newly created economic department. It was created by the Milwaukee Metro Sewerage Commission in repsonse toa recommendation by Mayor Henry Maier.

  • Dollar Signs with Elizabeth Kay (1996)

    Investment expert Bob Landaas and journalist Elizabeth Kay welcome Don Phillips, publisher of Morningstar Mutual Funds, the industry's most respected information resource. Plus, how to survive a bear market, Bob sums up the markets, and Joel Dresang takes a whimsical look at high finance and the high seas.

  • Don't Kill Me: Teens Against Guns (2002)

    A group of 15 Milwaukee Public School students are followed as they spend the summer of 2002 writing, rehearsing, and performing their own powerful play about the impact of gun violence on area families, with gritty honesty. The teens visited playgrounds and other sites throughout the city, hoping to reach kids about the impact of gun violence. With straightforward comments, teens say they believe people carry guns for protection and to look tough. Ideas are also offered on what can be done to end the violence. Statistics are included on violence in Milwaukee. The teen-produced play was a collaborative effort between Milwaukee Public Schools, Theatre X, MPS Division of Recreation & Community Education, and Project Ceasefire.

  • Drug Free (2004)

    Illegal drug use is perceived to be an inner city problem--a problem that involves gangs, guns, and street wars. But it is not. It's a problem that has quietly infiltrated all socio-economic classes and age groups. What's more, kids today are starting to use alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drugs at increasingly younger ages. This program is for savvy adults, who realize that they need to know more about the signs of drug use. It is the story of a young man from Whitefish Bay, WI, and how an innocent adventure, at age eleven, spiraled out of control into a harrowing journey of drug addiction.

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  • Early Stories of John McGivern (2009)

    Filmed on location throughout Milwaukee, performer John McGivern recalls his childhood days by sharing hilarious stories.

  • Earth Place (1969)

    John Lemke's film ballet shot in several Wisconsin locations. Placed in the Library of Congress.

  • Ecole de Cuisine (2004)

    Jill Prescott's Ecole de Cuisine features inventive menus and a delectable variety of recipes developed by series host Jill Prescott's nationally recognized cooking school.

  • Election Issue: Education (2006)

    What are pressing issues with the primary, secondary, and post secondary education systems in the Milwaukee, WI, area, and how can the such items as improving attendance, graduation rates, test scores, poverty, home environments, etc., be addressed? Participants are Julia Taylor, president, Greater Milwaukee Committee; Carlos Santiago, chancellor, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; Darnell Cole, president, Milwaukee Area Technical College, and William Andrekopoulos, superintendent, Milwaukee Public Schools.

  • Election Issue: The Elderly (2006)

    An examination of complex issues that the aging baby boomer population presents: medications, health care benefits, facilities, and related topics.

  • Election Issues: Milwaukee Crime (2006)

    Dan Jones hosts a conversation with the two candidates for Milwaukee County Sheriff in this special election episode. Sheriff David Clarke (Democrat) and Donald Holt (Republican) discuss their experience, leadership skills, and qualifications for the position. The candidates also discuss whether the department's current policies have resulted in a more dangerous, or safer Milwaukee County.

  • Election Issues: The Health Care Crisis (2006)

    Milwaukee, WI, has fewer and fewer options for inner city health care for the uninsured and underinsured. What are these people to do? Why are health care costs in this part of the state so much higher than elsewhere? Is the Medical College of Wisconsin playing a big enough role in solving the problems?

  • Emphasis Wisocnsin (Ongoing series) (1996)

    Various Subtitles, including: Lure of the Crooked River,

  • Equal Parners: Wisconsin's New Marital Property Law (1985)

    This program introduces couples to the community property system, preparing them for changes taking effect on Jan 1, 1985. Legal and financial experts answer common questions.

  • Etched in Acid: Warrington Colescott (1998)

    Follow the chain of comic creation as Wisconsin artist Warrington Colescott produces a satirical print. His complex working methods, his corrosively witty images and rustic lifestyle, have been captured as he works at the Iowa County homestead he shares with his artist wife, Frances Myers.

  • Ethically Milwaukee (Various Titles) (2008)

    Veteran broadcast journalist Mark Siegrist interviews members of Milwaukee's interfaith community for discussion on key issues affecting the moral fabric of Greater Milwaukee--

  • Exploring Teens (1994)

    Teens produce a television programs that attempts to provide insight's into today's teens and encourage dialogue between adults and teens.

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  • Facing the Mortgage Crisis (2009)

    Viewers are encouraged to tune in and call the helpline for advice and answers to foreclosure-related questions and concerns.

  • Facts About Osteoporosis (1985)

    Host Dave Edwards and Dr. Adel B. Korkor talk about the disease Osteoporosis and what can be done to prevent it.

  • Federal Decisions and Wisconsin's Economy? (1985)

    A common interest forum held in Milwaukee is broadcast. Politicians discuss the impact of federal decisions on Wisconsin's economy.

  • Festa Italiana (1985)

    This magazine-style program illustrates what happens at Festa Italiana at the Summerfest grounds.

  • Finn Gold Cup Sailing Regatta (1983)

    The 1983 Finn Gold Championship, the most prestigious event for single men sailing was held Aug 11-20. Sailors from 25 countries participated in the regatta.

  • Florentine Opera Presents: Pinocchio (2009)

    Coming soon.

  • Florentine Opera: Ariadne Auf Naxos (1990)

    Vocal fireworks combine with passionate romance ina glittering opera by Richard Strauss. A young composer's maiden effort is nearly ruined when a troup of comedians show up at the gala party where the opera is being presented.

  • Focusing on What's Right (1992)

    Dr. Joann Cannon uses humor and story-telling to reveal factors that contribute to higher levels of wellness and quality in our life.

  • For the Record (1981)

    Coming soon.

  • Frank Lloyd Wright's Wingspread (1998)

    Host Jim Peck offers a tour of the home Frank Lloyd Wright built for wax tycoon HF Johnson of S.C. Johnson Wax. Called the finest of Prairie Homes, Wingspread was a healing force for one of Wisconsin's most prominent families.

  • Frank Zeidler Memorial Lecture (2008) JEREMY SCAHILL (2008)

    Award-winning investigative journalist Jeremy Scahill discusses Global Wars, Private Armies and Public Money in the first annual Frank P. Zeidler Memorial Lecture at the Milwaukee Public Library's Centennial Hall. The Frank P. Zeidler Memorial Lecture has been founded to celebrate the life and ideals of Frank Zeidler (1912-2006) who served as mayor of Milwaukee from 1948-1960. As a citizen, socialist, public official, and activist who contributed to numerous religious and community organizations, Zeidler promoted the causes of peace, democracy, economic progress, and a clean environment.

  • Frank Zeidler Memorial Lecture (2009) JOHN GURDA (2009)

    Author and historian John Gurda's presentation on Public Enterprise: How the Socialists Saved Milwaukee explores how the Socialists transformed Milwaukee from a civic cesspool of corruption, inefficiency, and inequality into a highly effective enterprise for 50 years. (Recorded March, 2009 at the Milwaukee Public Library)

  • Frank Zeidler Memorial Lecture (2010) JOHN NICHOLS: PROMISE OF PUBLIC GOOD (2010)

    Noted journalist, author and commentator John Nichols discusses how journalism is failing the public, and ways of improving its reputation.

  • Frank Zeidler Memorial Lecture: William Powell Jones (03/29/2011)

    Professor William Powell Jones discusses the building of the labor movement among workers in the public and private sectors, the current struggle, and its role in defending a middle class in the United States. Professor Jones teaches in the UW-Madison history department. The Frank P. Zeidler Memorial Lecture was founded to celebrate the life and ideals of Frank P. Zeidler (1912-2006), who served as mayor of Milwaukee from 1948-1960. Recorded at Centennial Hall of the Milwaukee Public Library on March 29, 2011.

  • Freedom Walkers for Milwaukee (05/01/2011)

    This documentary traces Milwaukee's most turbulent events during the Civil Rights struggle of the mid 1900's. Using archival footage, photographs, and interviews with Milwaukeeans, the film sheds light on the fight for equal employment, open housing, and equitable educational opportunities, and reveals how Milwaukee earned the nickname, \The Selma Of the North\.

  • Fridays (1981)

    Coming soon.

  • From Smoke to Safety (1998)

    The Milwaukee and Wauwatosa fire departments team up to presents a series of potentially life-saving demonstrations.

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  • Garden Birds of America (1996)

    Best-selling author and famed naturalist George Harrison provides a vivid color portrait of 40 of America's most beautiful garden birds.

  • Garden Paths (2008)

    Garden Paths helps new and expert gardeners explore their own ways, their own paths to develop beautiful backyards and gardens.

  • Gazette (1994)

    Sharon Davis and Bill Taylor interview young African Americans working to make Milwaukee a better place.

  • George F Kennan Forum: Future of the UN (2005)

    Ben Merens, of Wisconsin Public Radio, moderates a look at the future of the United Nations from the UWM Institute of World Affairs' George F. Kennan Forum on International Issues 2005, recorded April 26, 2005, at the Pabst Theater, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett's address to the group is covered. The Presenters are: Gareth Evans, former Foreign Minister of Australia, and member of the U.N. High-Level Panel on Threats, Challenges and Change, and president and chief executive of International Crisis Group; and Gillian Sorensen, senior advisor at the U.N. Foundation, former head of the Office of External Relations for Secretary General Kofi Annan, and national advocate on matters related to the U.N. and the U.S.-U.N. relationship. Robert Ricigliano, director, Institute of World Affairs, the major sponsor of the Kennan Forum, is also featured.

  • George Kennan Forum 2006 (2006)

    Coming soon.

  • Georgia O'Keefe: The Plains on Paper (1996)

    In the late 1980's, a group of previously unknown works by Georgia O'Keeffe was revealed. This documentary includes interviews with art historians and museum personnel, as well as those who knew her.

  • German Are Coming, The (1994)

    The rich and colorful history of the German immigrants who settled in Wisconsin at the turn of the century is explored; and, a look is taken at the painful alienation they felt at the outbreak of WWI.

  • German Fest (1985)

    The food, music and fun of Milwaukee's German Fest is highlighted.

  • Goals for Greater Milwaukee 2000 ()

    Goals for Greater Milwaukee 2000, its eight task force reports and final report, are the subjects of a one-hour call-in program.

  • Governor Dreyfus (1978)

    Live coverage of the Governor's Inauguration.

  • Governor Thompsons (1995)

    Live coverage of Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson's third inauguration.

  • Great Circus Parade ()

    A glorious display of circus history and pageantry, with authentic circus wagons, exquisite horses, bands, clowns and hundreds of riding and walking performers dressed in lavish circus wardrobe.

  • Great City School Choice Forum (1992)

    Charlayne Hunter-Gault moderates a forum on school choice.

  • Great Decisions (Ongoing Series) (1997+)

    Great Decisions is a multi-week foreign policy discussion forum; the series is part of the Institute of World Affairs at UW-Milwaukee.

  • Great Lakes Gardener (2002)

    This series appeals to both beginning and experienced gardeners all across America. It presents a variety of topics from garden photography to peat moss to golf course preparation for the 2004 PGA championship. Melinda K. Myers, host and veteran horticulturalist, shows viewers distinctive and beautiful gardens throughout the Midwest and well beyond. She also talks with the specialists who share the secrets of growing great plants.

  • Great Peshtigo Fire (1988)

    The devastating fire that swept through Northeastern Wisconsin during the late 1800s is drastically recreated.

  • Great TV Read-A-Thon (1988)

    More than 50 readers, including area celebrities, students and tutors read everything from children's stories to current news articles to promote literacy in Wisconsin. Taped at State Fair.

  • Green Business (2009)

    Excerpts from the 2009 Wisconsin Green Energy Summit are presented, and the future of green technologies is explored. Highlights include: Dr. James Hanson, a leading global climate change expert; Congresswoman Gwen Moore who speaks of opportunities in this emerging field; Congressman David Obey on the federal initiatives; and, a roundtable discussion lead by Mike Gousha, on the efforts by the state and federal governments to get funds to emerging business in green technologies.

  • Green Fire and Ice (1999)

    This 30-minute documenatry chronicles the drama of Irish dance, and its history since the days when teachers of the form were hanged in the Town Square or burned at the stake.

  • Gun Crontrol (1994)

    A debate on proposals to control handgun possession in severeal communities is Wisconsin airs live.

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  • Habitat Destruction on the Gulf Coast, An Outdoor Wisconsin Special (10/01/2010)

    The impact from the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster and 70 years of dredging the Mississippi River is examined. Experts talk about the damage to Louisiana's Gulf Coast; and, they explain how the Upper Midwest is affected.

  • Harley and Davidson: The Friendship Behind the Motorcycle (2003)

    Bill Harley and Art Davidson were boyhood chums who loved to go fishing. Later, they turned a dream into an empire, celebrating its 100th birthday in 2003. This special includes interviews with members of the Harley and Davidson families, with pictures from their personal collections, to show how the deep and enduring friendship of Harley and Davidson lasted more than five decades, through two world wars, and the Depression.

  • Hatha Yoga ()

    In this 53-part series, Kathleen Hitchcock demonstrates yoga postures promoting internal harmony, control of the nervous system, and conservation of energy.

  • Health Care: The Wisconsin Prescription (2009)

    Milwaukee PBS Producer Everett Marshburn explores how the lack of affordable healthcare impacts real people facing serious health issues. A man with multiple sclerosis, and a young cancer survivor--both without health insurance share their stories. Karen Timberlake, Secretary of Health Services for Wisconsin explains how BadgerCarePlus and other state programs are available to help citizens. State Senators Karen Vinehout and Glenn Grothman are also interviewed.

  • Healthcare: The Wisconsin Prescription (2009)

    MPTV Producer Everett Marshburn explores how the lack of affordable healthcare impacts real people facing serious health issues. A man with multiple sclerosis, and a young cancer survivor--both without health insurance share their stories. Karen Timberlake, Secretary of Health Services for Wisconsin explains how BadgerCarePlus and other state programs are available to help citizens. State Senators Karen Vinehout and Glenn Grothman are also interviewed.

  • Healthful Indian Flavors with Alamelu (Series) (2010, 2011)

    Culinary instructor and author Alamelu Vairavan prepares delicious Indian dishes. Recipes include: Lemon Rice, Eggplant Masala, Garlic and Pepper Chicken, Aromatic Cauliflower Masala, a wholesome stir-fry of Green Beans Poriyal, and a high fiber saucy dish, Black Eyed Peas Kulambu.

  • Heart of Milwaukee Works (1992)

    A look is taken at the success rate of the WI Economic Development Authority's (WEDA) program in getting home loans for people living in the heart of Milwaukee.

  • Heritage (1970-80's)

    Heritage celebrates the contributions of the many cultural groups living in Wisconsin.

  • High 5 for Wellness (1992)

    This series produced by teachers for teachers promotes nutrition, fitness, self-responsibility and more.

  • Hmong Men & The Meaning of Fatherhood (2006)

    Dr. Timothy Vang, a well-known minister in Minnesota's Hmong community, talks to Hmong men about their roles of being fathers in the U.S., at Milwaukee, Wisconsin's Serb Hall, in March of 2006. Dr. Vang discusses domestic abuse, cultural differences Hmong men face in America, and how to build a good relationship with one's family. This 90-minute special is broadcast in Hmong, and captioned in English.

  • Hoist the Sails (1988)

    Hop aboard the Mischief for a cruise through the waters of Lake Michigan and get your feet wet in the art of sailing.

  • Holiday Auction Preview 2010 (10/28/2010)

    This special preview features highlights of items available for bid during the 2010 Milwaukee PBS Great Holiday Online Auction from Oct. 31-Nov. 21. Items include vacation packages, furniture, artwork, jewelry, gift certificates and more. Call 262.781.4998 or visit

  • Holiday Auction Preview Show (2010)

    This special preview features highlights of items available for bid during the 2010 Milwaukee PBS Great Holiday Online Auction from Oct. 31-Nov. 21. Items include vacation packages, furniture, artwork, jewelry, gift certificates and more. Call 262.781.4998 or visit

  • Holy Hill National Shrine (1996)

    A historical look is taken at the architectural development of the Holy Hill Shrine and the breathtaking beauty of the scenic area surrounding it.

  • Homeless In The Heartland (2007)

    How did Milwaukee, Wisconsin end up as the twelfth meanest city in America on the National Coalition for the Homeless list? What does it mean to be homeless in Milwaukee and what factors contribute to this uninvited title? This exclusive documentary includes interviews with homeless individuals all from diverse backgrounds, as well as caregivers and others who share their experiences and thoughts on being homeless in Milwaukee. The program also explores some of the strategic options identified by the community to combat homelessness and a glimpse of what the future may hold for homeless individuals in Milwaukee. Produced by Gene Ferrara.

  • Homeownership in the Heart of Milwaukee (1993)

  • Homework Hotline (1986)

    Homework Hotline provides local school districts and students with the tutorial support needed in helping them with their homework.

  • House on the Waterfall, The (1988)

    A documentary on Fallingwater, the landmark 20th centruy house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

  • Housing: Segregation and Povery (1993)

    Housing segregation and poverty issues in Milwaukee are examined. Dr. Douglas Massey, former Mayor Frank Zeidler, and former Alderwoman Vel Phillips are interviewed.

  • Housmanship (1985)

    Experts explain do-it-yourself home improvements in this 14-part series which takes an in-depth look at home improvement procedures.

  • How to Build a Dinosaur (1991)

    This adventure-style science documentary co-produced with the Milwaukee Public Museum, follows the scientific process as Museum paleontologist Rolf Johnson and a crew of scientific detectives reconstruct the boes of a Torosaurus dinosaur.

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  • I Remember Special: Marquette University 125 years (2006)

    Host Jim Peck goes on location to explore one of Milwaukee's greatest treasures. Founded by Milwaukee's first Catholic bishop in 1881, today Marquette is one of the most sought-after institutions of higher learning-educating over 100,000 students. A remarkable and in-depth look at the impact Marquette has made and will continue to make locally and nationally. The impressive alumni list includes leaders in the world of politics, industry, and entertainment; brief commentary from: President Robert Wild, SJ, Thomas Jablonsky, Associate Professor of History, Glenn Doc Rivers, former MU and NBA Star, now Head Coach of the Boston Celtics, US Federal Court Judge Diane Sykes, Mary Ellen Stanek, RW Baird, MU Board of Trustees and first female Chair, Pascual Rodriguez, Principle at Bruce Guadalupe Middle School, and student, Tim Kummer.

  • Implantable Heart of Milwaukee, The (1992)

    Recovering heart patient and Milwaukee Brewers announceer Bob Uecker traces the development of a new battery operated, artificial heart, throught the Milwaukee Heart Project.

  • In Service to Milwaukee: Town Hall Special (2009)

    Host Mark Siegrist and members of Milwaukee's non-profit and faith communities engage in thoughtful discussion on the opportunities, need, and impact, of volunteerism in Greater Milwaukee.

  • Inside View (2001)

    Veteran Milwaukee broadcast journalist Mark Siegrist hosts this forum for southeastern Wisconsin newsmakers and issues which examines both problems and solutions. Two segments each program are expected to include background pieces, reporting from the field, on-location interviews with guests, and some studio discussion. Human interest pieces and reports of a lighter nature are featured. Producer/reporters include Black Nouveau's Sharon Patterson, InterCHANGE's Dan Jones,

  • Insights (1992)

    Coming soon.

  • InterChange (1996)

    Panelists: Dan Jones (moderator), Denise Callaway, Kevin Fischer, Joel McNally, and Gerard Randall discuss hot issues of the week, along with wry commentary from Rick Horowitz.

  • International Focus (1994-2010)

    Coming soon.

  • Irish Fest (1985)

    A presentation of the music and festivities from Milwaukee's 1983 Irish Fest.

  • Issues in Medicine ()

    This 13-part series looks at the changing face of medical care in America.

  • It's a Teen Thing (1991)

    Sixteen students from eight Milwaukee area high schools explore issues and ideas important to teenagers.

  • It's Called Jazz (1985)

    Coming soon.

  • It's Called Jazz (1985)

    Some of Milwaukee's finest Jazz musicians perform.

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  • Jane Bradley Pettit: In Her Own Quiet way (2002)

    A tribute to the late Milwaukee area philanthropist Jane Bradley Pettit.

  • Job Search (1983)

    In this motivational series, host Bill Needler presents tips on the ins and outs of successful job hunting.

  • John Benitez at Luther's Blues (2002)

    Coming soon.

  • John Benitez at Luther's Blues (2002)

    New York bassist John Benitez and his unique blend of Latin Jazz is showcased at Madison's Luther Blues.

  • John McGivern: Winter Tales (2008)

    Milwaukee's own John McGivern presents a steady stream of entertaining holiday stories from his childhood. His unique storytelling about the most festive time of year includes hilarious tales of snow days and Thanksgiving dinners, hand-crafted Christmas presents and New Year's parties. (Filmed at Milwaukee's Off-Broadway Theatre, 2008)

  • Johnsons: An AIDS Story of Love (1995)

    Wisconsinites Michael and Sherie Johnson have HIV. They found out the hard way that anyone can get it without being promsicuous, gay or by using drugs.

  • Jon Faddis Quartet Plus 2 (2007)

    Jon Faddis is a complete and consummate musician--conductor, composer, and educator. Nat Hentoff, in The Wall Street Journal (2005), characterizes Faddis as a trumpet player of prodigious lyrical force. This concert, recorded March 9, 2007 at the Cedarburg Performing Arts Center, features The Jon Faddis Quartet: Jon Faddis (leader & trumpet), David Hazeltine (piano), Todd Coolman (bass), and Dion Parson (drums) along with two special guests, African drummers Alioune Faye and Abdou Mboup.

  • Jonron (1983)

    The contributions of Latino baseball players are examined in this special which utilizes are historical film footage and interviews of coaches and players alike.

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  • Keeping Jazz Alive (2006)

    Contemporary Jazz artist Chris Botti visits the Cedarburg High School Jazz Band for a Master's Class, to share his expertise, advice, and experiences with the Jazz Band students.

  • Keeping Jazz Alive (2006)

    Contemporary jazz artist Chris Botti visits the Cedarburg High School Jazz Band for a Master's Class, to share his expertise, advice, and experiences with the Jazz Band students. The informative Master's Class is interwoven with performances from both the Cedarburg High School Jazz Band and Chris Botti himself, recorded at the Cedarburg Performing Arts Center in Cedarburg, WI, in January of 2006. Songs featured include: Someone to Watch Over Me, and When I Fall in Love.

  • Kennan Forum 2008: ELECTION 2008: FOREIGN POLICY AND THE MEDIA (2008)

    The role of the media in framing foreign policy issues prior to the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election is explored. Host Ben Merens moderates a discussion between Award-winning journalists David Marash and Claudia Rosett. Marash is Lead Anchor, Al Jazeera English. Rosett is a Journalist-in-Residence, Foundation for Defense of Democracies. The Kennan Forum is a national symposium addresses significant issues and concerns vital to United States foreign policy. (Recorded April 17 at the Pabst Theatre)

  • Kennan Forum 2009: THE US AND THE CHANGING GLOBAL ORDER (2009)

    Significant issues and concerns vital to United States foreign policy are discusses. Speakers: Thomas Donnelly, Resident Fellow, American Enterprise Institute and Nina Hachigian, Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress.

  • Key, The (1995)

    Sharon Davis and Bill Taylor host this 10-part series focusing on Milwaukee's African-American community.

  • Kids Killing Kids (1999)

    Host Dan Jones interviews Milwaukee-area school administrators, law enforcement officials, and mental health practioners to try to make sense of the deadly violence affecting the nation's schools.

  • King in Milwaukee, A (2009)

    This documentary is the unlikely story of how artist David Greenberger transformed interviews with the elderly into 38 songs and a funky live music concert.

  • Ko-Thi: Dancing Against the Odds (2005)

    Over 35 years ago, standing in the shadow of the now-infamous Elmina Castle, built by the Portuguese for the express purpose of exporting African slaves to the New World, Fern Caulker had a vision for what would become Ko-Thi Dance Company. She realized that these enslaved Africans had their dreams deferred--and their families, language, and history torn away. She vowed to preserve their memories, while sustaining their culture through the beauty and technique of African and Caribbean dance and music. This is the story of how Ko-Thi, the oldest surviving and largest employer of African American performing artists in the state of Wisconsin, was not only created--but how it has managed to survive for all these years, when so many others have had to close their doors. It is a testimony to the commitment, resolve, and creative energies of this unique ensemble that is still dancing against the odds.

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  • Latino Focus (1991)

    This 13-part series focuses on the people and events affecting the Hispanic community. Tony Baez hosts.

  • Latino Immigrant Stories (2006)

    Wisconsin Latinos give first-person accounts and family histories detailing the challenges of becoming part of a new country. The program focuses on the recollections of Latinos who left behind their countries and roots, to find opportunity in Wisconsin. Some are the stunning success stories of well-known politicians and entrepreneurs; others relate the quiet triumphs of people determined to give their families a better future. Among them are the accounts of retirees Gudalupe and Ines Macias, landscaper Arturo Taboada, retired Waukesha County Judge Ness Flores; Sheboygan Mayor Juan Perez; Wisconsin Assembly Representative Pedro Colon (D-Milwaukee); La Comunidad Publisher Dante Viscarra, of Madison; Discovery World CEO Christine Rodriguez, and UW Regents Jose Olivieri and Jesus Salas, among others; as well as interviews with men and women on the street.

  • Latino Vote (2004)

    The political power of Wisconsin's Latino population--and its impact on local and national elections--is examined. Changing party loyalties, Latinos assuming public office, and working on voting campaigns are reviewed. Latinos are also reaching higher levels of education and incomes, and serving on governmental teams. Wis. Gov. Jim Doyle (D), U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold (D-WI), Republican Party of Wisconsin Chair Rick Graber, Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Linda Honold, and national leaders like Dolores Huerta, and others analyze the relationship between Latino influence and issues such as education, affirmative action, removal of language barriers, bilingual services, immigration laws, health services, and safe and good-paying jobs. In English, with Spanish translation on the SAP channel--available to those with stereo equipment--by changing the audio setting on the remote control, TV, or VCR.

  • Latvia Special: Space Bridge (1990)

    The Space Bridge communications satellite link; a proposed project between Milwaukee PBS and representatives of Latvia's Riga television.

  • Legacy of Faith: The Story of Saint Josaphat's Basilica (1991)

    In 1895, a struggling neighborhood found a way to build one of the most significant structures in Wisconsin. This is the story of Wisconsin's only Basilica.

  • Les Paul Celebrates (2008)

    Guitar legend, music innovator, and Waukesha native Les Paul celebrates his 93rd birthday at Milwaukee's Pabst Theatre with an electrifying performance. Bassist Jay Leonhart, pianist John Colianni, and rhythm guitarist Lou Pallo play I Can't Get Started With You, Flying Home, September Song, Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Tennessee Waltz, and other greats. Les' special guests also perform: tap dancer Andrew Nemi; vocalist Sonya Hensley; violinist Christian Howes; and, harmonica player/vocalist Jon Paris--a Milwaukee native. (Recorded Summer 2008. Mr. Paul passed away August 2009)

  • Less Than One Percent (2002)

    Solutions to the world's fresh water crisis pioneered in the Great Lakes region are the focus of this documentary.

  • Less Than One Percent (2002)

    Solutions to the world's fresh water crisis pioneered in the Great Lakes region are the focus of this documentary.

  • Lester O. Schwartz: In His Own Words (2002)

    83-year-old Lester Schwartz tells stories about his life, his loves, his philosophy for living, and his distinguished career as an artist

  • Letters to Santa (Since 1993)

    Segments in this holiday series include craft ideas, celebrations of various cultures, and children's stories. Santa Claus reads letters from children on each episode. (Taped Annually)

  • Liberty Gate: A Cuban Family in Wisconsin (1989)

    The Hernandez family is followed from their arrival in Fort MCCoy through processing, their adjustment to new culture, and their placement with an American sponsor.

  • Lidia's Table Special (2006)

    Popular PBS chef Lidia Matticchio Bastianich visits the Milwaukee PBS studios, sharing her expertise and preparing some of her favorite dishes. Taped Aug. 13, 2006.

  • Lisbon Avenue: A Neighborhood on the Edge (1999)

    Dan Jones takes a look at an aging neighborhood on the edge of Milwaukee's central city.

  • Live at Summerfest (1988)

    Joe Smith hosts, interviews with personalities and entertainers, highlights of events.

  • Live from the Rep (1987)

    This special highlights the opening of the Milwaukee Reperatory Theater's new main stage facility.

  • Livingston Taylor in Concert (2010)

    Livingston Taylor performs at the Cedarburg Performing Arts Center. The brother of James Taylor, Livingston has recorded 13 albums and three retrospectives leading to such Top 40 hits as \I Will Be in Love with You\ and \I'll Come Running\. Livingston's varied repertoire includes a range of musical genres--folk, pop, gospel, jazz--and from upbeat storytelling to touching ballads. He has been a full professor at Berklee College of Music since 1989. (Recorded May 14, 2010)

  • Looking Up to the Bucks (1984)

    Eleanor Hayes moderates a discussion with Milwaukee Bucks players and area students.

  • Love in War (1997)

    This program profiles eight Milwaukee-area couples who met, fell in love, and wed during the tumultuous years of World War II.

  • Love In War: Milwaukee (1997)

    Eight area couples who met, fell in love, and wed during the tumultous years of WW II are profiled.

  • Lunts: A Life in the Theatre, The (1980)

    From Wisconsin's Genesee Depot to New York's Broadway stage--they were two worls apart, but they were home to one of America's greatest acting teams, Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne.

  • LZ Lambeau (2010)

    Vietnam Veterans from Wisconsin and around the country are officially welcomed home in this moving tribute from Lambeau Field.

  • LZ Lambeau (2010)

    Vietnam Veterans from Wisconsin and around the country are officially welcomed home in this moving tribute from Lambeau Field.

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  • Making of Milwaukee (2006)

    The history of Milwaukee is traced, from its beginnings of pristine waters, fertile lands, and home to Native Americans. Then, French explorers and settlers arrive. Soon, Milwaukee becomes a city, and its founders--Solomon Juneau, Byron Kilbourn, and George Walker--battle for supremacy. The series is based on the award-winning book, The Making of Milwaukee, written by historian John Gurda, who hosts each program. Re-enactments are included of historical events, such as the 1886 Bay View Riot, along with vintage photos and archival film, original music by Maurice Wininsky, and narration by James Pickering. This Milwaukee PBS production follows Milwaukee's colorful and complex story to the present time.

  • Making of Milwaukee, The (2006)

    This first program in a 5-part visual history of Milwaukee traces the city from its beginnings of pristine waters, fertile lands, and home to Native Americans.

  • Management Special with Bill Needler (1984)

    Bill Needler, takes a new look at management principles.

  • Maraca Valle at Shank Hall (2002)

    Known as the Liberator of the Cuban Flute, and one of Cuba's most talented young musicians, Orlando Maraca Valle is a composer, arranger, and bandleader who takes his instrument to unprecedented heights. He explores new ways of fusing traditional and modern Latin genres with elements of jazz, Afro, funk, and other U.S. idioms. As part of his world tour, his 2001 performance at Milwaukee's Shank Hall, with his 11-piece band, 'Otra Vision,' is presented, along with excerpts from his band workshop at South Division High School, as they perform upbeat, rhythmic, and sensual Cuban music. Rehearsals and performances are interspersed with scenes of Maraca's hometown of Havana, Cuba.

  • Mayor's State of the City Address (1987)

    Mayor Maier's Sate of the City Address at the Gala 141st Birthday party for the City of Milwaukee.

  • Medical Beat (1987)

    Medical Beat provides in-depth coverage of innovative treatments and the wide variety of healthcare services available in Southeastern Wisconsin.

  • Meet Chief Ziarnik (1985)

    WMVS will give Milwaukeeans an opportunity to get a more complete picture of the man who has stepped into the shoes as police chief.

  • Melody Makers (1989)

    Jack Baker hosts this 19-part series about the big band music of the 1920s, 30s, and 40's.

  • Midwest Economic Summit (1987)

    Midwest academics, business leaders, and legislators meet to discuss non-federal government solutions to trade, agriculture and transportation issues.

  • Midwest Regional Little League Championships (1983)

    Coverage of the Little League Central Region championship game at the South Milwaukee Little League complex.

  • Milwaukee 2015: Water, Jobs, and the Way Forward... (2010)

    A panel of business and civic leaders explore how the increasing demand and decreasing supply of affordable freshwater could make Milwaukee a global water-technology hub by 2015. The panelists discuss critical steps that must be taken in the next few years to secure the wealth of the Milwaukee region. Recorded November 2, 2009 at Marquette University Law School. Panelists: Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett; Governor Jim Doyle; Barry L. Grossman, an attorney with Foley & Lardner and member of the M-7 Water Council board of directors; Kim Marotta, Vice President for Corporate Social Responsibility at MillerCoors;
    Richard A. Meeusen, President and CEO of Badger Meter and co-chair of the Milwaukee 7 Water Council; Carlos E. Santiago, Chancellor of UW-Milwaukee; Anselmo Teixeira, Senior Vice President of Siemens Water Technologies.

  • Milwaukee Advocates (1985)

    Read judges, real courtrooms, real attorneys arguing real issues. Ficticious cases will provide the members of the court with a format in which to argue their clients concerns.

  • Milwaukee Arts Unite (2001)

    An evening of performances by 21 area arts groups at Uihlein Hall in Milwaukee's Marcus Center for the Performing Arts, to benefit victims of the Sept. 11 terrorist attack.

  • Milwaukee Ballet's: Virgin Forest (1989)

    This program documents the creation of choreographer Margo Sappington's original work, inspired by the jungle paintings of Henri Rousseau, from the first rehearsal through its premier performance.

  • Milwaukee Ballet: Coppelia (1979)

    Members of the Milwaukee Ballet Company perform the romantic and enjoyable Coppelia; featuring Donald Rottinghaus and Lydia Morales.

  • Milwaukee Ballet: Grosse Fugue (1982)

    A modern dance by the Dutch choreographer Hans van Manen is an expression of power and grace; featuring Michelle Lucci and Edward Myer.

  • Milwaukee Ballet: Idylle (1979)

    Starring Mireille Leterrier and Gennadi Vostrikov.

  • Milwaukee Ballet: In Praise Of (1982)

    Coming soon.

  • Milwaukee Ballet: Misalliance (1979)

    Jim Sutton performs.

  • Milwaukee Ballet: Nutcracker (1979)

    Lydia Morales as Marie and Thomas Nicholson as Nutcracker Prince.

  • Milwaukee Ballet: Paquita (1974)

    Coming soon.

  • Milwaukee Ballet: Romeo and Juliet (2008)

    The gripping tale of two young lovers caught between their feuding families and their love for each other is considered Artistic Director Michael Pink's signature production.

  • Milwaukee Ballet: Sleeping Beauty (1982)

    Prima Ballerina Michelle Lucci as Aurora, and Patrick Bissell guest stars at Prince Florimund.

  • Milwaukee Ballet: Swan Lake (1985)

    Coming soon.

  • Milwaukee Between the Wars (1995)

    This special steps back to Milwaukee in the 1920s and 30s. Individuals recall growing up, coming of age, dating, coping with the Great Depression and Prohibition, and working in Milwaukee-between the wars.

  • Milwaukee Chamber Orchestra (1986)

    The Milwaukee Chamber Orchestra presents a world premier of Andrzej Panufnik.

  • Milwaukee County DA Debate (2006)

    Two democratic candidates are running for the opportunity to be the first new Milwaukee County District Attorney in 38 years: John Chisholm, who presently works in the DA's office, and is the person the retiring DA, E. Michael McCann, is supporting; and Larraine McNamara-McGraw, an attorney and former Milwaukee Alderman. TWPR's Ben Merens moderates a panel questioning them, featuring: Janine Geske, former Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge, former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice, and presently a Distinguished Professor of Law at Marquette University; Colleen Henry, WISN TV 12 investigative journalist, who has a great deal of experience covering crime and the courts--and who recently received a law degree from Marquette University; and Derrick Nunnally, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel criminal courts reporter, and the reporter who covers this race for the newspaper. The primary election is scheduled for Sept. 12, 2006. The primary winner faces off against independent candidate Lew Wasserman in November.

  • Milwaukee County Executive Debate (2008)

    Incumbent Scott Walker and challenger Lena Taylor, the two candidates for Milwaukee County Executive debate at Marquette's Law School.

  • Milwaukee Focus (1985)

    Monthly in-depth look at topics and personalities shaping the news in the greater Milwaukee area. Dave Edwards hosts.

  • Milwaukee in the Fabulous 50s (1999)

    This special explores the decade of the 1950s from a Milwaukee perspective. Sports, music, tv, the legacy of the GI Bill, the demand for automobiles and more is explored.

  • Milwaukee Jesuits (2006)

    The Jesuits, formally known as the Society of Jesus, have made an impact in Milwaukee, WI, since the mid-1800s. Host Mark Siegrist profiles the Jesuit mission's roots, and its social impact. He visits a Marquette University meal program, a middle school devoted to lifting Latinos out of poverty, a retreat center for the poor, and community projects. In 1540, Pope Paul III approved the worldwide order of Catholic priests--the Society of Jesus. Inspired by their founder, St. Ignatius of Loyola, and by the zeal of Father Jacques Marquette, Milwaukee-area Jesuits have continued their work.. Lay people who talk about the influence of Ignatian spirituality are former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Janine Geske, Milwaukee County District Attorney E. Michael McCann, former Wisconsin Lt. Governor Margaret Farrow, and Archdiocesan Director of Catholic Social Action Rob Shelledy, along with Fr. Thomas Krettek, head of the Wis. Province Jesuits; Fr. Robert Wild, Marquette U's president; & Fr. Peter Etzel, Gesu Parish.

  • Milwaukee Mayoral Debate (1988)

    County Executive William O'Donnell and challenger David Schulz square off in a debate.

  • Milwaukee Medical Beat (1985)

    New medical discoveries and procedures available in the Milwaukee area are explored.

  • Milwaukee Music (1989)

    Three popular Milwaukee home-grown bands are featured: Segundo Sonido (Latin), Fullogic backed by Mercedes (R & B/Soul), and Dusty Drapes and His Shades of Swing (Country).

  • Milwaukee on Safari (1985)

    Dr. Gil Boese, Milwaukee County Zoo Director and Producer Ron Meyers visit three national parks in Kenya: Samburu National Reserve, Mt. Kenya National Park, and the Masai Mara Game Reserve.

  • Milwaukee PBS Album (1997)

    Vignettes of Greater Milwaukee events and culture from past Channel 10 programs with occasional new pieces on similar subjects.

  • Milwaukee PBS: 50 Years Of Being More (2007)

    Major highlights from Milwaukee PBS in celebration of its 50th Anniversary, October, 2007.

  • Milwaukee Pops (1985)

    Boston Pops Orchestra Arranger Richard Hayman conducts the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra through the 25th Anniversary salute to Hawaii.

  • Milwaukee Profiles (1984)

    Milwaukee Profiles spotlights the most unique and interesting aspects of life in and around Milwaukee.

  • Milwaukee School Referendum (The $366 Million Decision?) (1993)

    Should Milwaukee taxpayers give the go-ahead for 15 new schools and additions to 14 existing schools? Joe Smith hosts.

  • Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra #1801: SCHEHERAZADE (1997)

    Rimsky-Korsakov's musical tour-de-force is inspired by stories of The Arabian Nights. Exciting Russian music depicts Sinbad the sailor, Princess Scheherezade, and the exotic Festival at Baghdad. Stanislaw Skrowaczewski, MSO artistic advisor, conducts. Andreas Delfs, music director, is interviewed by Steven Ovitsky, MSO's executive director.

  • Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra #1802: THE FIREBIRD OF STRAVINSKY AND PROKOFIEV CONCERTO (1997)

    Music from MSO's Russian Festival includes this Russian fairy tale of thirteen princesses, a prince, an evil ogre, and the magical firebird. The concert also features Jon Parker playing Prokofiev's Third Piano Concerto. Stanislaw Skrowaczewski, MSO artistic advisor, conducts.

  • Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra #2001: A Gershwin Celebration (1998)

    Music from MSO's Russian Festival includes this Russian fairy tale of thirteen princesses, a prince, an evil ogre, and the magical firebird. The concert also features Jon Parker playing Prokofiev's Third Piano Concerto. Stanislaw Skrowaczewski, MSO artistic advisor, conducts.

  • Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra #2002 CARMINA BURANA (1998)

    The Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, led by its Music Director Adreas Delfs, performs Carmina burana, by Carl Orff. This exciting composition was inspired by the poetry of Medieval students, clerics, and vagabonds. It has three parts: In the Springtime, In the Tavern, and The Court of Love. The music takes the listener on a sensuous and hedonistic journey through the exhuberant life of secular society in the 12th century. Joining the Milwaukee Symphony are the two hundred voices of the Milwaukee Symphony Chorus, the Milwaukee Children's Choir, and guest soloists.

  • Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra #2301: Gustav Mahler, Symphony No. 1 (2003)

    Mahler's Symphony #1 features nature, rustic dances, a grotesque funeral, and a triumphant finale: all that is life, poured out in music performed by the MSO, led by Andreas Delfs.

  • Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra #2303: Liszt's Concerto No. 2? (2003)

    Romantic music from the MSO features pianistic fireworks, as Jean-Yves Thibaudet plays Liszt's Concerto #2, in addition to A Siegfried Idyll, Richard Wagner's intimate birthday present for his wife, Cosima. Andreas Delfs conducts.

  • Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra #2401: Diary of Anne Frank (2003)

    The Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, led by its Music Director Andreas Delfs, performs From the Diary of Anne Frank, composed by Michael Tilson-Thomas. This composition for narrator and orchestra features the touching, joyous, fearful, and, ultimately hopeful, words of Anne Frank. Rachel Zarzynski, a 15-year-old Pius XI High School student, reads the words of Anne Frank in the MSO production. Born in 1929, Frank was forced into hiding with her family for more than two years, during the Holocaust. The 13-year-old German-Jewish girl kept a diary during her confinement, in which she recorded her experiences. Frank ultimately died in a concentration camp from typhus at the age of 15. Her writings were first published in 1947, and eventually translated into 67 languages, becoming of the world's most-widely read books. The late Audrey Hepburn narrated the world premiere of the work in 1990.

  • Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra #2404: BERNSTEIN, SYMPHONIC DANCES FROM WEST SIDE STORY & (2005)

    Strings, brass, woodwinds, and percussion; a dazzling display of orchestral color. Leonard Bernstein's amazing Symphonic Dances from West Side Story is paired with the exciting marches and exotic sounds of Paul Hindemith's Symphonic Metaporphoses. An encore features a performance of America by the Milwaukee High Schools of the Arts Vocal Jazz Ensemble. The program's introduction features Music Director Andreas Delfs, along with excerpts from the concert.

  • Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra #2604 - Antonin Dvorak, Symphony #6 (2007)

    The MSO, led by Andreas Delfs, plays Antonin Dvorak's Symphony #6. Conductor Delfs describes the concert as a friendly and serene piece, warm hearted and good natured.

  • Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra Christmas Pops 2000: Doc at Yuletid (2000)

    The Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, Doc Severinsen--Principal Pops Conductor, the Milwaukee Symphony Chorus, and Milwaukee Children's Choir are featured in a special holiday pops concert at Milwaukee's Marcus Center for the Performing Arts. Songs include: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year, I'll Be Home for Christmas, The Little Drummer Boy, and White Christmas.

  • Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra: #2501 Ring Without Words (2006)

    Andreas Delfs leads the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, playing favorite excerpts from Richard Wagner's The Ring of the Nibelung. This compilation features exciting selections, including The Ride of the Valkyries, Siegfried's Rhine Journey, and the Immolation Scene. The MSO has greatly expanded its brass, horn, and woodwind sections for this program. Andreas Delfs is featured in the introductory segment, and an interview with MSO musicians follows the performance. Elaine Schmidt wrote the introductory materials and hosts the interview.

  • Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra: #2502 Fiddlers 3 (2006)

    Three women violin virtuosos team up with the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra to play jazz, classical, and Irish music. Nadja Salerno Sonnerberg, Eileen Ivers, and Regina Carter are featured. The program includes conversation with all the violinists and a composition by Chris Brubeck, written expressly for the three artists. Elaine Schmidt in the interviewer and writer for Fiddlers.


    Under the direction of Music Director Andres Delfs, guest Pianist Adam Golka along with the MSO perform Barber's First Symphony, Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No. 2; and, Beethoven's Symphony No. 5 in c minor. (Recorded in September 2007)


    This powerful, lyrical and toe-tapping, concerto is performed by Yefim Bronfman and the MSO, under the baton of Andreas Delfs.


    This deeply moving Requiem of Johannes Brahms, is performed by the MSO and guest soloists. The Requiem is vast, powerful and intimate.


    Mahler's Second Symphony creates its own universe, carrying you away on waves of sound and feeling. The music can be huge and searing, or else intimate and tender. At the end comes transfiguration--and you won't be the same after hearing it. Andreas Delfs


    The monumental 10th Symphony of Shostakovich is the Russian composer's response to the death of the oppressive dictator, Josef Stalin.


    Music Director Andreas Delfs conducts this all-Tchaikovsky concert, including The 1812 Overture, March Slav, and Francesca da Rimini: tuneful, exciting music from the great Russian composer. Pianist Vladimir Feltsman plays Tchaikovsky's Concerto #1. Beautiful melodies and brilliant brass from the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra are presented from the Marcus Center of the Performing Arts, in Milwaukee, WI, taped Feb. 25, 2006.


    MSO Concertmaster Frank Almond plays the fiery and tender 2nd Violin Concerto of Henryk Wieniawski. Almond is profiled in this program. The MSO, conducted by Andreas Delfs, also plays the Cyrano de Bergerec Overture of Johan Wagenaar.

  • Milwaukee Symphony Pops: Doc with a Latin Beat (2003)

    The Milwaukee Symphony Pops presents Doc With a Latin Beat. Doc Severinsen, the orchestra, and Doc's special guests serve up a Latin music banquet with songs like Besame Mucho, Malaguena, and Guantanamera.

  • Milwaukee Symphony Pops: Doc's Favorites (2007)

    Legendary trumpeter Doc Severinsen concludes his thirteen years as the orchestra's principal pops conductor with this phenomenal concert. Vocalists Lynn Roberts and Joseph Wolverton, drummer Ed Shaughnessy and the Milwaukee Symphony Chorus join Doc for his final performance. Doc first appeared with the MSO in 1971. His three decades on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, countless performances throughout the US, and Grammy Award winning albums, make Doc one of the most highly regarded and technically proficient trumpeters in the world. Recorded June, 2007 at the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts.

  • Milwaukee Symphony Pops: From Vienna to Broadway (2002)

    The Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra and chorus, special guest soloists, and conductor Jack Everly present a concert celebrating musical theatre from Vienna to Broadway. Well-loved music from The Merry Widow, Gigi, and Phantom of the Opera are among the many favorites presented.

  • Milwaukee Tennis Classic (1986)

    Coverage of the Men's and Women's singles finals.

  • Milwaukee Tonight (1994)

    This weekly program explores public and cultural issues affecting southeastern Wisconsin.

  • Milwaukee Town Hall Meeting: Gangs-The Secret Society (1995)

    Guests discuss what the community can do about gangs, and tips are presented for parents.

  • Milwaukee Town Hall Meeting: School Choice (1995)

    Advocates and opponents of school choice voice their opinions.

  • Milwaukee Town Hall Meeting: The Wake of Violence (1995)

    This town hall meeting on violence includes statements from victims, perpetrators; and, a discussion on the impact of violence.

  • Milwaukee Water Summit IV (08/20/2010)

    Water experts from around the world gather in Milwaukee to talk about our effect on the earth's water supplies. We all know that we leave a \Carbon Footprint\ but do we leave a \Blue Footprint\ as well? This \Water Summit\ sponsored by the Milwaukee Water Council, features presentations by Dennis Dimick, environmental editor of National Geographic; actor and activist Ed Begley, Jr.; Veolia Water North America President/CEO Laurent Auguste, elected officials, and many others. (Recorded July 19, 2010)

  • Milwaukee Wave Indoor Soccer (1985)

    Delayed coverage of three Milwaukee Wave Indoor Soccer games.

  • Milwaukee' Hmong: A People Between Two Worlds (1996)

    This film explores the challenges facing Hmong immigrants and how they are adapting to the United States.

  • Milwaukee's Ethnic Bakeries (2003)

    Milwaukee's cultural diversity is apparent in the city's ethnic bakeries. Mark Siegrist experiences some of the richest food traditions of the community. George Papas is known for his Greek Baklava from Papas Bakery. Mamie Waters' McCoy's Cake & Pie Shop customers appreciate her southern Carmel Cake. Dany Olier makes French pastry specialties like Baked Apple Tarts from Bay Bakery. Ken Loges, of Loges Bakery, turns his Vienna bread German creations into creatures of the swamp. Jorge Lopez illustrates the festive roots of Mexican ovens at Lopez Bakery. Troy Bartz, of Jonathan's Cafe & Bagelry, explores the art of how to make a classic New York-style Jewish bagel. In addition, Siegrist goes behind the scenes of the new Rice Palace Bakery & Deli to highlight a variety of Asian specialties with Chuedang Vue. The rewards of the Italian heritage of Peter Sciortino's Bakery are also celebrated with Joe Vella.

  • Milwaukee's Florentine Opera: The Barber of Seville (1998)

    The masterpeice comic opera, composed by Rossini in the early 19th centry.

  • Milwaukee's Forest Home Cemetery (2000)

    Host Dan Jones takes a look at the history of one of the oldest and largest cemeteries in Milwaukee, WI. Celebrating the 150th anniversary of its founding in the year 2000, the 200-acre Forest Home Cemetery is a final resting place to more than 100,000 former Milwaukee-area residents--including some nationally known names like Pabst, Blatz, Schlitz, and war hero Billy Mitchell.

  • Milwaukee's Historic Third Ward (1998)

    An area of Milwaukee reclaimed from neglect and the ravages of urban renewal is explored.

  • Milwaukee's Muslim Faithful (2008)

    An estimated 15,000 Muslims live in Milwaukee, representing all walks of life, regions of the world, and hometown roots. Islam is emerging as a full partner in greater Milwaukee's religious traditions, but its often confusing to outsiders, misunderstood--even feared in the post 9/11 era. Broadcast journalist, Mark Siegrist, takes an in-depth look at how Islam is embraced and practiced locally, by featuring the daily life of the Muslims at work, school, and prayer. He focuses on the ethnic diversity, spirituality, and social impact of Islam in Milwaukee, and highlights the efforts of those working to overcome negative perceptions and stereotypes regarding their beliefs.

  • Milwaukee's Polonia (1989)

    John McCullough looks at the history and culture of Polish-Americans in the Milwaukee area.

  • Milwaukee's Riverwest Neighborhood (2004)

    Capturing the unique flavor of part of the city, Producer Dan Jones gives a tour of one of Milwaukee's oldest and most interesting neighborhoods. Riverwest, an old Polish and German neighborhood, and neighbor to the bustling eastside, is now home to an ethnically diverse collection of artists, students, and young families, as well as old-timers, who have been there for years. This documentary presents the flavor of a neighborhood that may be on the edge of gentrification, from the bars to the bowling alleys, and from the churches to the art galleries. The boundaries of the Riverwest neighborhood are often described as covering the area from the Milwaukee River and Humboldt Avenue, west to Holton Street, and from North Avenue to Capital Drive. Home to some 20,000 people, the area is about 10 minutes north of Milwaukee's downtown, and five minutes from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

  • Milwaukee's Vowed Women of Faith (2007)

    The Second Vatican Council of the 1960's encouraged nuns to lead a less cloistered life and integrate their vocations with society as a whole. The Archdiocese of Milwaukee is home to a diverse community of nuns, from hermits to social activists. With exclusive access, Host Mark Siegrist explores the diversity of religious lifestyles, work, and contributions to the local community made by Milwaukee's nuns.

  • Milwaukee: Behind the Headlines (1984)

    An in-depth look is taken at local issues through the eyes of Milwaukee-area journalists.

  • Milwaukee: Hotbed of School Choice (1993)

    Coming soon.

  • Milwaukee: Hotbed of School Choice (WI Education) (1993)

    This documentary explores Wisconsin's school choice programs, financing, and choice experiments in Milwaukee.

  • Milwaukee: Rebirth of a River, The (1993)

    The Milwaukee River, once dying as a results of decades of pollution, is making a comeback. Those living along its banks, and those preverving it are profiled.

  • Milwaukee: The War Years (1997)

    The experiences of Milwaukeeans who lived through WWII are explored.

  • Milwaukee: The War Years (1997)

    Featured: World War II and its stories, told by today's Milwaukeeans who fought, rationed, built submarines, and made victory possible.

  • Milwaukee; Wie Geht's? (1990)

    This unique international production links German Milwaukee's past and present.

  • Move 'em Out (1989)

    Dick Sparrow, an Iowa farmer, organizes and trains a 40-horse hitch to re-create a spectacle from the great circus parades of the past.

  • MPS School Board Candidates (1991)

    Districts 1-2-3 and 8

  • MSO Violin Competition (1986)

    Three aspiring concert violinists perform a bravura violin selection chosen from a group of six pieces.

  • Multicultural Youth Conference (1991)

    The realities of a multicultural society are discussed. Includes tips on contructive ways individuals and organizations can help others achieve a better quality of life.

  • Music From Global Union (2008)

    Musicians from around the world perform at Humboldt Park in Milwaukee's Bay View neighborhood. Sponsored by Alverno College, the free festival of world music and culture includes performances by artists from Africa, Central Europe, Latin America, East Asia and the Middle East. (Recorded September, 2007)

  • Music from Summerfest (1977)

    Performances the 1975 Summerfest are featured.

  • Music of Milwaukee's Irish Fest (1994)

    Taped at Milwaukee's 1993 Irish Fest. Performances by Tommy Makem, Paddy Reilly, Cherish the Ladies, and others.

  • Musical Theatre: An Uncertain Future (1986)

    Gloria Irwin examines the past, present and future of musical theatre.

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  • NAACP Convention Wrap-up 2005 (2005)

    chorus director for the Milwaukee Symphony Chorus. (Recorded 2007)

  • NAIA Women's Volleyball Championships (1985)

    Delayed coverage of the final match of the 1985 National NAIA Women's National Championships at the Klotsche Center at UWM.

  • National Association of Black Journalists (2002)

    Highlights are presented of the 27th Annual Convention & Career Fair put on by the National Association of Black Journalists. Sharon Patterson and Eugene Kane host coverage of events from Milwaukee, Wisconsin's Midwest Express Center, held July 31-Aug. 4, 2002.

  • National Parks Wisconsin (2009)

    Patty Loew, host of Wisconsin Public Television's In Wisconsin, and Dan Small, host of Milwaukee PBS's Outdoor Wisconsin, explore Wisconsin's National Park System,

  • Native American Cooking from the Fancy Dance Cafe (2006)

    Highlighting Thanksgiving cooking and Native American culture, this special focuses on foods served at the first Thanksgiving dinner and also presents Native American dance, music and history. Jim DeNomie, a producer for Milwaukee PBS's Outdoor Wisconsin for several years, and a Chippewa Indian, is the producer and host. Guest, Victor Zamora, a chef at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and an Apache Indian demonstrates traditional (May Way Zha) recipes for native dishes as well as new (Oshki Aya) ways to prepare venison. Entertainment provided by Menominee Wade Fernandez, playing the flute and guitar.

  • Nature In The City (2009)

    DeNomie hosts a radio program, Voices from the Circle, for WLUW in Chicago which is heard on WYMS in Milwaukee as well as other locations. It is also available on webcasts and podcasts.

  • Nickel Creek At The Pabst (2006)

    The platinum-selling band Nickel Creek's innovative folk-pop concert at the Pabst Theater in Milwaukee, WI, is presented. The three-person group's October, 2005, appearance delights fans with a unique sound combining mandolin, guitar, violin, and bass to create such show-stealing hits as Anthony and Scotch and Chocolate. Their 2002 release, This Side, captured a Grammy for Best Contemporary Folk Album. The band has performed with John Paul Jones, of Led Zeppelin fame, and also the Los Angeles Philharmonic.

  • No Minor Crime (2008)

    Their album Why Should the Fire Die? has been nominated for a Grammy Award in the Contemporary Folk category, and Scotch and Chocolate has been nominated for Best Country Instrumental.

  • Norman Vincent Peale (Positive Thinking) (1994)

    This co-production looks at Peale's successes and failures, as well as the controversies associated with his theological and political beliefs.

  • Nuclear Waste: Yes, but in My Backyard? (1983)

    A panel of scientists and engineers discuss the problems of nuclear waster disposal in a presentation at Marquette University.

  • Nuestro Milwaukee (1984)

    Nuestro Milwaukee explores the unique culture of Southeast Wisconsin's Hispanic community.

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  • Olde West Bend Days (1983)

    Tracy Stefaniak and Bobby Rivers stroll through the Olde West Bend Days Festival with local history buff Jack Anderson.

  • Omar Sosa In Concert (2005)

    The artistry of Cuban composer and pianist Omar Sosa and his quartet are featured, along with pieces from their MULATOS CD. Sosa's approach to the keyboard is an exploration of Cuban/African culture, with a global perspective. In Sosa's pan-African/pan-Latin approach, Orisha music, hip-hop, rumba, Ecuadorian chants, jazz, and Gnawa ritual music combine.

  • On The Issues w/Mike Gousha: Jim Lehrer (2009)

    Coming soon.

  • On The Issues w/Mike Gousha: Milwaukee County Executive Debate (2009)

    Coming soon.

  • On the Issues with Mike Gousha: Ray Suarez (11/09/2010)

    Ray Suarez, an accomplished author and senior correspondent of the PBS Newshour is interviewed by Emmy Award winning journalist Mike Gousha, Distinguished Fellow in Law and Public Policy at the Marquette University Law School. Suarez has more than thirty years of experience in the news business, having worked for National Public Radio, CNN, ABC Radio, CBS Radio and WMAQ-TV in Chicago. (Recorded Nov. 6, 2010 and Marquette University's Eckstein Hall).

  • On The Issues with Mike Gousha: Women in Politics (2009)

    Coming soon.

  • On The Issues with Mike Gousha: Women in Politics: Admin & Goverance of MPS (2009)

    Coming soon.

  • One Child at a Time (1987)

    Coming soon.

  • Our Next Mayor (1987)

    Peter Banzhaf moderates a discussion on Jobs in Milwaukee with Milwaukee mayoral candidates.

  • Our Schools: Making the Grade? (1988)

    The state of education in metro Milwaukee is examined. Dave Edward hosts.

  • Our State Fair (1985-88)

    Join the fun at Wisconsin's State Fair, from cream puffs to corn-on-the-cobb, and holstein races to pig races. Joe Smith hosts.

  • Outdoor America (1986)

    Outdoor America focuses on a variety of outdoor recreational activities, with a strong emphasis on the need for conservation of natural resources and the wise use of the envioronment.

  • Outdoor Wisconsin (2010)

    OUTDOOR WISCONSIN promotes the stewardship of the natural environment and a responsible attitude towards outdoor pursuits.

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  • Park East Promise: The rebuilding of a freeway neighborhood (2004)

    The challenges of redeveloping the Park East corridor in northern downtown Milwaukee, WI, are explored, along with the potential impact of the area's largest modern-day urban renewal effort. The Park East Freeway was built in the 1960s. A new era is dawning, with the demolition of the spur, the clearing of land, and a major public/ private initiative being formed to maximize its potential and edevelop more than 60 acres in an area near the Bradley Center and the downtown campus of Milwaukee Area Technical College. Host Mark Siegrist traces the area's history, along with the potential impact of its redevelopment on neighboring institutions and businesses, and concerns for family-supporting jobs, and affordable housing. Milw. Mayor Tom Barrett, Milw. County Exec. Scott Walker, Developers Barry Mandel and Gary Grunau, MATC President Darnell Cole, and other leaders share concepts for the area's use.

  • Partner to Genius (1998)

    A video biography of the mysterious and charismatic Olgivanna Lloyd Wright. The powerful Montenegran who became Frank Lloyd's third wife.

  • Paul Cebar & the Milwaukeeans (1992)

    Playful percussion adds to the unique style of this popular Milwaukee band known for its blend of reggae, rhythm and blues, and cajun.

  • PBS Kids Go! Writers Contest: Milwaukee PBS Winners (2010-Ongoing)

    Stories from 20 local winners of this year's Reading Rainbow Young Writers and Illustrators Awards contest are featured.

  • Perspectives on Domestic Violence (1983)

    An exploration of sociological perspectives on domestic violence. Three experts on domestic violence answer questions from audience members.

  • Piano Recital (1985)

    Lukas Foss, accompanied by various instrumentalists, presents a chamber music concert at the Riverside Theatre.

  • Polish Fest (1985)

    Highlights from one of Milwaukee's great ethnic festivals.

  • Positive Thinking with Norman Vincent Peale (1994)

    This co-production looks at Peale's successes and failures, as well as the controversies associated with his theological and political beliefs.

  • Presidential Primary Forum (1995)

    Gov. Thompson serves as moderator for the Presidential Primary Forum for Republican candidates.

  • Primetime for Parents (1985)

    Experts explore a variety of child-raising issues. Evelyn Brindis hosts.

  • Principals Vol. 1 (2009)

    Three Milwaukee-area public school principals are profiled; offering a glimpse of what life is like within Milwaukee Public Schools, and how their individual styles are making positive differences in the lives of their students.

  • Progressive Legacy (1996)

    Telecourse on Wisconsin's Progressive Tradition.

  • Promise of Public Good (2010)

    Noted journalist, author and commentator John Nichols discusses how journalism is failing the public, and ways of improving its reputation.

  • Propeller Vernon (1987)

    The steamer Vernon, sunk during a storm near Two Rivers, WI in 1887. This program examines the events leading to the disaster.

  • Prox: The Senate Maverick (1984)

    Known for his Golden Fleece Awards, Senator William Proxmire (D-Wis) has been called a political maverick, watchdog of the public purse, and advocate for physical fitness and world peace. This special examines his career and includes interviews with those who knew him.

  • Psychology of Human Relations (Telecourse) (1982)

    A post secondary instructional television course in Psychology of Human Relations, one of the core courses of MATC.

  • Psychology Of Racism (2006)

    Coverage is provided of a conference featuring nationally known psychologists discussing racism, moderated by Black Nouveau's Keith Murphy, and taped at the Milwaukee Art Museum during 2005, just prior to the start of the national NAACP Conference in Milwaukee, WI. A segment from the film The Color of Fear is included. Questions are also taken from the audience. Panelists are: psychiatrist/psychoanalyst Dr. Jan Van Schaik, asst. prof., Medical College of Wis.; Michigan psychologist Paula Kliger, founder & pres. of Psychological Assets, Wayne State University faculty, and U. of Detroit Mercy asst. prof.; Chicago psychoanalyst Mark Smaller, dir., Neuro-Psychoanalysis Foundation in New York & London; psychotherapist Quincy Tharps, asst. prof., College of Nursing, UW-Milwaukee and Medical College of Wis.; and Seattle, WA, psychiatrist/psychoanalyst Sandra Walker, U. of Washington clinical asst. prof. of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, and chair, Committee of Black Psychiatrists of America.

  • Public Expenditure Survey (1990)

    Candidates for US Senate debate at the Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee.

  • Public Hearing: Stadium Funding (1995)

    Public hearings on the proposed funding for a new baseball stadium in Milwaukee.

  • Punching In (2008)

    In the 1980s, major manufacturers began decreasing operations in Milwaukee, eliminating many of the best-paying blue collar jobs for African Americans at a time of rapid economic change. The devastating impact from the loss of manufacturing jobs is examined, including unemployment rate increases and a waning black middle class. The documentary was created by Patricia Diggs and produced by Milwaukee PBS's Liddie Collins. Co-producers are Ivory Abena Black, Faithe Colas and Patricia Diggs, publishers of the 2005 book, Bronzeville: A Milwaukee Lifestyle.

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  • Rainbow Summer-Ethnic Week (1983)

    Milwaukee area ethnic musicians, dancers and singers, perform before a live audience.

  • Rainbow Summer: Brave Combo (2004)

    Brave Combo offers polka soul-powered music with cumbia, ska, and Klezmer accents: a madcap ride to a new Polka-consciousness.

  • Rainbow Summer: Brother (2002)

    Scottish bagpipes, the haunting Australian didgeridoo, traditional rock instruments, and original songs combine to make Brother a unique, high energy alternative rock band with a positive message. Taped at Milwaukee's 2001 Rainbow Summer performance at the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts. Milwaukee-area musician and band leader Paul Cebar hosts.

  • Rainbow Summer: Deborah Coleman (2002)

    Blues from Chicago: Deborah Coleman's resonant vocals and fiery guitar work heat up the stage. Lead guitarist, singer, and songwriter Deborah Coleman is one of blues music's most exciting young talents and has won several music festival awards. Her albums include Takin' a Stand, I Can't Lose, Where Blue Begins, and Livin' On Love. Taped at Milwaukee's 2001 Rainbow Summer performance at the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts. Milwaukee-area musician and band leader Paul Cebar hosts.

  • Rainbow Summer: Funkadesi (2004)

    The Chicago band, Funkadesi, is a grand, vibrant blend of funk and soul, reggae, Afro-Cuban, and Indian music: a danceable, multi-cultural musical stew!

  • Rainbow Summer: Paul Cebar & the Milwaukeeans (2000)

    Paul Cebar & the Milwaukeeans swing, rock, surprise, and delight in this romp at Milwaukee's 2000 Rainbow Summer, from the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts. Paul draws on every imaginable musical style to create his unique, fun, and super high-energy show.

  • Rainbow Summer: Plena Libre (2000)

    Paul Cebar & the Milwaukeeans swing, rock, surprise, and delight in this romp at Milwaukee's 2000 Rainbow Summer, from the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts. Paul draws on every imaginable musical style to create his unique, fun, and super high-energy show.

  • Rainbow Summer: Ricardo Lemvo & Makina Locaa (2002)

    Music of Cuba and the Congo unite in Ricardo Lemvo & Makina Loca's (Crazy Machine) irresistible, danceable world beat music, featuring a mix of Afro-Cuban rhythms and soukous music from Central Africa. Vocalist Lemvo formed the nine-member Los Angeles-based group in 1990. It has toured extensively in North America and Europe, performing in Paris, London, Amsterdam, Rome, and other major cities. Taped at Milwaukee's 2001 Rainbow Summer performance at the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts. Milwaukee-area musician and band leader Paul Cebar hosts.

  • Rainbow Summer: Terrance Simien (2003)

    Terrance Simien and his band, the Mallet Playboys, bring their fusion of zydeco and reggae to Milwaukee's Rainbow Summer Music Festival's 2002 stage in the Peck Pavilion of the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts. Milwaukee-area musician and bandleader Host Paul Cebar makes a guest appearance on a song he and Terrance Simien co-wrote.

  • Rainbow Summer: The Holmes Brothers (2003)

    The Holmes Brothers play bluesy, gospel-drenched soul music at Milwaukee's Rainbow Summer Music Festival 2002, in the Peck Pavilion of the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts. Billboard magazine called the Holmes Brothers' sound utterly astounding. The band was formed in 1980, and records and performs around the world. Milwaukee-area musician and bandleader Paul Cebar hosts.

  • Rainbow Summer: Willy Porter (2000)

    The singer, guitarist, songwriter, and his band were recorded at Milwaukee's 2000 Rainbow Summer from the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts. Willie Porter is known for his amazing guitar playing, innovative songwriting, and engaging voice. This Milwaukee musician is at home with dance grooves, rock, and the tradition of American folk guitar heroes.

  • Reading Rainbow Special (Various Years) (1993-2009)

    Stories from 20 local winners of this year's Reading Rainbow Young Writers and Illustrators Awards contest are featured.

  • Redefining Smart: MATC/UWM Panter Tracks Trasnfer Agreement (2007)

    MATC President Darnell Cole and UW-Milwaukee Chancellor Carlos Santiago discuss \Panther Tracks\ with host Mark Siegrist. The transfer agreement offers eligible MATC students three different admission transfer options to UWM.

  • Redefining Smart: The Milwaukee 7 Economic Development/MATC (2007)

    \Redefining Smart\ takes a look at the new regionalism in economic development. Leaders from Reich Tool & Design of Menomonee Falls, and Patient Care of Milwaukee, discuss why they staked their respective futures here. Creating similar success stories is the goal of \Milwaukee 7,\ launched in September 2005 to create a regional, cooperative economic development platform for the seven counties of southeastern Wisconsin. The organization's main objective is to create family-supporting jobs and to cultivate high-growth professions, while integrating the issues of education, quality of life and responsible tax policy. Reich Tool makes high-tolerance, highly specialized metal stamping forms for manufacturers of auto components, appliances and medical devices. Patient Care is an advocacy company that moved from New Orleans to Milwaukee, providing cost-effective problem solving for health insurers, employers, employees and doctors. Both are progressive businesses, long engaged in economic development initiatives.

  • Redefining Smart:MATCS Express Ramp Welding Prog. (2006)

    Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC) along with three community partners lead the way in addressing the shortage of welders and machinists in Southeastern Wisconsin.
    Host Mark Siegrist explores the creation of MATC's Express Ramp Welding Program with Dr. Darnell Cole, President of MATC, Tim Sullivan, CEO of Bucyrus, Gerard Randall, Director of the Private Industry Council, and Robert Miranda, Executive Director of Esperanza Unida.

  • Redfining Smart: MATC Statewide Renewable Energy Summit (2007)

    An in-depth look is taken at the evidence of global warming and the push for sustainable solutions to the energy crisis. Dr. George Stone, MATC natural science instructor; Jeff Anthony, of the American Wind Energy Association; Dan Ebert, chairman of the Wisconsin Public Service Commission; Dr. Mark Chandler, of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies at Columbia University; and Don Wichert, of Wisconsin Focus on Energy discuss current and future opportunities for renewable energy, new technologies, efficient energy use and management. The fourth annual Wisconsin Technical College System Renewable Energy Summit was held March 8 and 9, 2007 at MATC.

  • Rembert Weakland, A Journey of Faith (2001)

    Milwaukee Archbishop Rembert Weakland is a controversial leader in the Roman Catholic Church. His journey of faith has stretched from boyhood poverty in a socially-conscious family, to his work at the Benedictine Monastary, to his experience as a Vatican insider under Pope Paul VI. He has become a voice for social and ecumenical change. Weakland speaks of how his life-long passion for music has influenced his life and ministry, and of his struggles with troubling issues. Host Mark Siegrist talks with Bishop Roger White, Episcopal Diocese of Milwaukee; Bishop Peter Rogness, Greater Milwaukee ELCA Lutheran Synod; Jack Murtaugh, former executive dir. of the Interfaith Conference of Greater Milwaukee; Ethel Gintoft, former associate publisher and editor of the Catholic Herald Newspaper; and Barbara Anne Cusack, chancellor of the Catholic Archdiocese of Milwaukee.

  • Remembering the 30s and 40s (1981)

    Jerry Johnson, Milwaukee Public Museum educator, hosts this 8-part series. Top quality feature films of the day are followed by local segments that tie in with the film's topic. See how the WPA and the CCC from the New Deal affected Milwaukeeans.

  • Republican Primary Town Hall Debate (2010)

    Mike Gousha leads a roundtable discussion with Republican gubernatorial candidates Mark Neumann and Scott Walker, followed by live questioning from citizen groups participating via satellite from locations throughout Wisconsin. Milwaukee PBS's Dan Jones and WISN's Kathy Mykleby co-host. (A Milwaukee PBS/WISN production--filmed at Marquette University's Law School).

  • Reviving Milwaukee's Big Valley (2005)

    The Menomonee River Valley, in Milwaukee, WI, lies in the geographic heart of the city, some 1200 acres from 6th Street to Miller Park. Throughout its history, the Menomonee Valley has experienced marshland origins, industrial prosperity, and economic hardship. Now, Milwaukee?s civic and political leaders are embarking on a new era for the valley. The key phrase is sustainable growth, investing in family-supporting jobs, and the area?s own recreational beauty, to improve the quality of life for surrounding neighborhoods. The documentary traces the history of the Menomonee Valley, and the community vision for its economic and environmental renaissance. Broadcast journalist Mark Siegrist serves as host and producer.

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  • Samson: Then and Now (2007)

    A local celebrity during the 1960's and 1970's, Samson the lowland gorilla touched the lives of many that visited him at the Milwaukee County Zoo. Samson's life at the zoo is revisited in this special that takes a tender look at his life and impact on the community.

  • Satellite Forum (1979)

    First live local interactive satellite program. This program which originated on Channel 10 was an experiment by PBS in the long-range use of satellites for broadcasting.

  • School Choice (1993)

    A jury discuss and then make a decision about questions regarding school choice.

  • Second Opinion with John McCullough (1993)

    Journalist John McCullough explores health care issues of cost, quality and access.

  • Sense of Fairness, A (1985)

    A one hour special about Frank Zeidler, Milwaukee's last Socialist mayor. Originally produced in 1984, this program presents the story of a man dedicated to community service, and explores his personal side as well as his political acitivities.

  • Seven Sisters: A Robert Kuster Creation (2005)

    The 2004 creation and installation of one of the largest collections of hand-blown glass in North America, located at the headquarters of Sheboygan, Wisconsin-based Acuity Insurance Company, is followed. Glass master Robert Kuster brought this monumental, specially commissioned sculpture to a $46 million building expansion. Art marries architecture, in Kuster's spectacular union, as he creates and assembles the contemporary 13-ton constellation, consisting of more than 12,000 individual pieces. Inspired by nature, and brought to life through the visions of the owner and the artist, the installation is integrated into the architecture's design. The seven huge chandelier sphere sculptures of overwhelming size and beauty--the Seven Sisters--seemingly float in mid-air, at varying heights, coming to rest under the 85-foot-high cathedral ceilings. The creation includes three sculptures in vivid shades of red, 15 feet in diameter. Another four hanging sculptures are in shades of blue, and are 13 feet across.

  • Sida is Aids (1988)

    In Spanish, AIDS is known as SIDA, sindrome de inmunodeficiencia adquirida. This special focuses on the impace of AIDS in the Hispanic community.

  • Skylight Opera Theare Gala (1993)

    The Skylight Opera Theatre, Milwaukee Chamber Theatre, and Theatre X celebrate the opening of their new home, the Broadway Theatre Center.

  • Skylight Opera Theatre: The Mikado (2006)

    Gilbert and Sullivan's The Mikado, a hilarious operetta about an imaginary Japanese town, performed by Milwaukee's Skylight Opera Theatre, features a stellar cast, charming music, beautiful costumes, and a striking set. Skylight Director Bill Theisen calls it traditional Japanese Kabuki theatre mixed with American vaudeville, to present a British operetta. It's a comedy of characters: Ko-Ko, the Lord High Executioner of Titipu (Gary Briggle), who can't kill anything; lovers Nanki-Poo--the Mikado's son (Colm Fitzmaurice) and Yum-Yum (Alicia Berneche); Pooh-Bah, Lord High of Everything Else (John Muriello), an extortionist who occupies all the offices of state; Katisha (Jennifer Clark), a shrew who wants to marry Nanki-Poo; and the Mikado (Ray Jivoff), a ruler despotic--and sometimes jolly!

  • Skylight Opera Theatre: The Mikado (1986)

    This co-production with the Skylight Comic Opera is an origial revue show written by Milwaukeean Dale Gutzman.

  • Smith & Co. (Ongoing series) (1989+)

    Joe Smith hosts this live call-in current affairs program.

  • Society's Repair Shop (1993)

    This two-hour special looks at expectations for Wisconsin education with a panel comprised of the people with power to make changes in our schools.

  • Space Bridge (1990)

    The Space Bridge communications satellite link; a proposed project between Milwaukee PBS and representatives of Latvia's Riga television.

  • Spanish Spoken Here (2005)

    Wisconsin Latinos explore the dramatic growth of their community and its impact on the state, giving their perspectives on how and why Mexican/Americans arrived, the exponential growth of the community (107 percent in the '90s), and the community's accomplishments. More than 20 Latinos from around the state share their views, including University of Wisconsin Regents Jose Olivieri and Jesus Salas; State Commissioner of Wisconsin Jorge Gomez; Daisy Cubias, staff assistant to Milwaukee's mayor; State Rep. Pedro Colon (D-Milw.); Ernesto Chacon, deputy director of Gov. Jim Doyle's Milwaukee office; businesspersons Olivia and Ernesto Villareal; Hispanic Professionals of Greater Milwaukee President Amelia Macareno; Dr. Enrique Figueroa, director of the UW-Milwaukee Roberto Hernandez Center; Hector Colon, City of Milwaukee lobbyist; and Consultant Gladys Benavides. Writer: Tracy Wills; Producer/Director: Raul Galvan.

  • Speaking of Freedom (1988)

    A presentation in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., by Milwaukee High School Arts' students.

  • Spokesman (1983-85)

    This 13-part bicycle workshop series provides tips on how to have a more enjoyable and safe bicycling season.

  • Sports 36 (Wisconsin Sports) (1980+)

    Coverage of local high school, college, amateur and professional sports.

  • Stardust Ball (1986)

    Highlights from the Channel 10/36 Friends big band dance with more than 700 people in attendance. Performances by The Modernaires and The Steve Swedish Orchestra.

  • State and Staus of Black Milwaukeeans (1989)

    Taped during a roundtable discussion at UW-Milwaukee, with community leaders.

  • Stories From The Home Front: The War in Wisconsin (2007)

    During World War II, Wisconsin sent over 70,000 troops into battle. Back home, the War brought challenges and opportunities as the nation mobilized its economic, industrial, and scientific capabilities. As a large industrial city, Milwaukee was in a prime position to help the War effort. Veterans, POWs, citizens and historians discuss their war experience on and off the battlefield.

  • Storyvision: Barbara Joosse (2001)

    Award-winning Cedarburg author Barbara Joosse shares her insights and reads three of her books for children: I Love You The Purplest, Ghost Wings, and Lewis & Papa. The stories offer reassurance to children in an insecure and challenging world.

  • Student Operations (1983-Current)

    Students in MATC's Television and Video Production Program take over the airwaves with their own productions. The students conceive, produce and schedule their programs as part of their final assignments.

  • Style and Profiles (1993)

    Coming soon.

  • Summerfest Stories (2007)

    It began in 1967 as an event to revitalize downtown Milwaukee and to unite the community.

  • Summerfests (1985)

    Coverage from four of Milwaukee's summer festivals: Germanfest, Italian Fest, Mexican Fest (part of Nuestro Milwaukee series)_, and Polish Fest.

  • Supreme Court Candidates Debate 2011 (03/11/2011)

    The candidates for the Wisconsin Supreme Court, JoAnne F. Kloppenburg and David T. Prosser, Jr. debate the issues at the Marquette Law School. Mika Gousha and Janine Geske (former Supreme Court Justice) of the Law School and Milwaukee County Asst. D-A, Dan Blinka pose questions to the candidates.

  • Survival Kit (1996+)

    Coming soon.

  • Swimming and Diving Championships (1984)

    Highlights of the Swimming & Diving championships held at the UW Natatorium in Madison.

  • Swiss Singing Festival (1985)

    A presentation of the concert of the Swiss American Singing Festival, includes various societies from the US and Canada--plus a special guest?the Swiss Air Folk Group.

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  • Talent Jubilee (1979-83)

    An array of exciting entertainers from the Milwaukee area perform. Sponsored by the 10/36 Friends, this project was started to give talented groups-or individuals, an opportunity to perfrom for a large audience through the medium of tv.

  • Techno@bytes (1998)

    A weekly series about computers and technology, focusing on making the computer age enjoyable. The latests developments in technology are also explored.

  • Temptation, The (1983)

    This drama put on by the Paradox Studio Theare is about the legendary temptation of St. Anthony.

  • The Spiritual Patient (2006)

    Today, it's the World's Largest Music Festival, with almost one million visitors annually. In celebration of the 40th Anniversary, (2007) memories are rekindled, as those who helped get it started, performed, and worked Summerfest share their favorite stories.

  • Theater/Teleivision Project (1986)

    A television program designed to provide high quality drama for television using an experienced ensemble developed through live performance.

  • Things That Aren't Here Anymore (2004)

    A selection of Milwaukee's past treasures, which can no longer be visited in person, are remembered. Through old photographs, archival footage, and the memories of actual patrons, places that aren't here anymore are recalled through fond memories of shopping, favorite restaurants, kids stuff, and drive-in movie theatres. Customers relive going downtown to shop for that perfect dress, and what it felt like to see the big screen at the drive in, or to smell the aroma of a popular restaurant, even though it's been gone for decades. Some memories never fade. Radio personality Robb Edwards hosts.

  • Thinking Ebony (1981)

    Coming soon.

  • This Little Light of Mine (05/06/2011)

    This \documusical\ honors the ground breaking careers of Marian Anderson and Leontyne Price, two Grand Dames of classical music. Based on her original stage play, Soprano Adrienne Danrich celebrates the lives and triumphs of the two Divas with anecdotes, songs, and historical photos that bring their stories to life. Recorded at Wisconsin Lutheran College's Raabe Theater; Produced by Everett Marshburn and Directed by Raul Galvan.

  • Thomas Hampson: Master Class (2000)

    Thomas Hampson is one of the world's premiere baritones, whose performances have delighted audiences from The Met in New York to La Scala in Milan. This legendary singer works in an intimate appearance at Milwaukee's Pabst Theater and with his master class of up-and-coming opera singers, who work on technique and overall presentation with their idol.

  • Three Wright Era (1998)

    An examination of Architect Frank Lloyd Wright's designs for home, work and worship.

  • Today's Crimes Against Humanity (2005)

    Examples of recent genocide, mass annihilation of populations, and deadly persecution of racial and cultural groups are explored. Many assumed that something like the massacre of millions of Jews in WWII's Holocaust could never happen again. Experts in sociology and history talk about the stark reality of such crimes against humanity. Researchers include Peter Balakian, Colgate University; Raju Thomas, Marquette University; Robert Ricigliano, UW-Milwaukee, and others. Survivors of persecutions in countries such as Uganda and El Salvador are also interviewed. In 1933, the Jewish population of Europe stood at over nine million. By 1945, close to two out of every three European Jews had been killed, along with tens of thousands of Roma (Gypsies), and 200,000 mentally or physically disabled people. Turkey, Cambodia, Rwanda, Croatia, Armenia, and other countries have also been the site of massive persecutions.

  • Tolkein to the Rescue (1987)

    Tolkien to the Rescue explores the processes J.R.R. Tolkien employed to create his literary masterpiece, The Hobbit.

  • Town Hall Debate: Gubernatorial 2010 (2010)

    Mike Gousha moderates a debate between the candidates for governor, Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker (R) and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett (D). Live from Marquette University Law School's Eckstein Hall.

  • Town Hall Debate: U.S. Senate 2010 (10/22/2010)

    Mike Gousha moderates a discussion between the candidates for U.S. Senate, Senator Russ Feingold (D) and Ron Johnson (R). Live from Marquette University Law School's Eckstein Hall.

  • Town Meeting on Drugs: A Search for Solutions (1990)

    Issues surrounding substance abuse and crimes that results are examined. Professionals discuss the effects of drugs on the community, family, and society.

  • Tracks Ahead ()

    This magazine-style series explores every aspect of the railroads of the world. Spencer Christian hosts.

  • Tractors from the Past (2004)

    A look is taken at tractors from the past, as seen at Wisconsin's Power Reunion.

  • Trains, Tracks, and Trestles (1983)

    A mini-series of model railroading.

  • Trivia Bowl (1985)

    A game show with two local college teams matching wits with the winning team receiving the prize.

  • TV Mke (2006)

    The theme of this inaugural episode of TVMKE is Location, which looks at how people know where they are. The Human GPS--an Oak Creek minister--is interviewed, who has the world mapped out in his head. Music of the Caribbean is presented, courtesy of two Cuban musicians who met in Milwaukee. Also, an inside look is taken at air traffic control at Mitchell Airport; along with a rare peek at UW-Milwaukee's geographical treasures; and bowling tips are given by Milwaukee-area homegrown champion Roger Dalkin. Plus, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett shows his travel photos; and a hometown perspective is given by a young reporter for Gumbo TV. Finally, the concept of why location is everything is examined, as the most expensive homes in Milwaukee are toured. Co-hosts are Sandy Maxx and Mondy Carter.

  • TV Workshop (1958)

    Students enrolled in MATC's Television and Video Production program take over programming on Milwaukee PBS 36.1 for the entire day. All of the shows are produced and directed by the students.

  • Two Hammers and a Saw: The Theater Legacy of Father Walsh (2000)

    A one hour tribute to the founder of Marquette University's theater program, Father Walsh. He started the theater department in 1951 with nothing but two hammers and a saw.

  • Two Men in Fish Hats (2001)

    Some Tom and Dan shenanigans are added to the mix when the best and funniest promotion spots produced over the years for the Red Green Show on Milwaukee PBS are presented. The special features the unique brand of humor that is a Red Green hallmark, and stars Outdoor Wisconsin host Dan Small and Milwaukee PBS Director of Broadcasting Tom Dvorak sporting baseball caps adorned with life-sized foam fish and wearing bold plaid shirts, trading wry observations on the world of men. Red Green is known for taking good-natured shots at stereotypical males, targeting such topics as male bonding, power tools, hunting, fishing, and fascination with speed. Green often uses the handyman's secret weapon--duct tape to construct gadgets such as a dishwasher made with a garden hose and a lawn sprinkler.

  • Two Men in Fish Hats (2001)

    Some Tom and Dan shenanigans are added to the mix when the best and funniest promotion spots produced over the years for the Red Green Show on Milwaukee PBS are presented.

  • Two Men in Fish Hats II (2006)

    A look is taken back at some of the best Red Green promos produced between 2003 and 2005. Outdoor Wisconsin host Dan Small and Milwaukee PBS Director of Broadcasting Tom Dvorak, with the 2005 Channel 10 Auction winner guest, introduce each promotion spot with their customary antics, and encourage viewers to vote for their favorite promo. The promo with the most votes was announced during February of 2006.

  • Two Men in Fish Hats II (2006)

    A look is taken back at some of the best Red Green promos produced between 2003 and 2005. Outdoor Wisconsin host Dan Small and Milwaukee PBS Director of Broadcasting Tom Dvorak, with the 2005 Channel 10 Auction winner guest, introduce each promotion spot with their customary antics, and encourage viewers to vote for their favorite promo.

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  • UWM Soccer (1985)

    Same day coverage of the NCAA Div I action between Indiana's Hoosiers and UWM's Panthers.

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  • Video High (1993)

    Student producers, writers and actors from area high schools present videos on bus safety, the influence of drugs, guns, and gangs.

  • Viva Wisconsin (1992)

    Various issues in the Latino community are explored.

  • Voters Guide (1982+)

    Videotaped interviews with candidates seeking election.

  • Voyage to the Dry Tortugas (2006)

    In the winter of 2003, Wisconsin's flagship, the S/V Denis Sullivan, embarked on a voyage of discovery beyond the tip of the Florida Keys to the Dry Tortugas National Marine Sanctuary. This documentary follows the tall ship's captain and crew, along with five high school students from the Florida Marine Technology Academy, two Milwaukee teachers, and Costa Rican shark conservationist Elda Brizuela.

  • VTAE (1987)

    This local special examines the crisis facing the Vocational Technical and Adult Education system.

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  • Wave Soccer (1986)

    Coverage of Waves games.

  • What Are You? Mixed Races in Milwaukee (03/11/2011)

    Individuals from mixed races and bi-racial families discuss the challenges of living in a society that seems to always ask, \What Are You\? For some, it is a constant battle of defining, defending, and often discrimination. (Produced by Paul Kaplan)

  • What Milwaukee Can Do About Youth Violence (1996)

    Community crime prevention is examined, and solutions are presented.

  • What's A Kid Worth? (2001)

    The disparity in funding for Milwaukee public schools and their counterparts in Milwaukee County suburbs can amount to thousands of dollars per student per year. Host Mark Siegrist visits area schools and talks with panelists; William Hughs, Superintendent of Greendale Public Schools; Spence Korte, Superintendent of Milwaukee Public Schools; Joel McNally, a journalist and co-author of a recent study of Milwaukee schools; Alex Molnar, UWM education professor; and Jack Norman, research director of the Institute for Wisconsin's Future; and guests from Milwaukee's City Hall--including political leaders, educators, parents, and students--who discuss causes, effects, and solutions.

  • Wildlife Artist: Owen T. Gromme (1993)

    The late Own Gromme's illustrious career as a wildlife artist and Milwaukee Public Museum innovator is presented.

  • Wisconsin Directions (1983)

    15 Artists with works in exhibit at the Milwaukee Art Museum are profiled.

  • Wisconsin Gubernatorial Debate (Various Years) (Various)

    Coming soon.

  • Wisconsin Lawn & Garden (1999)

    Topics range from planting and pruning to tips on preserving the environment and photos of prize garden products.

  • Wisconsin Legislative Coverage (1985+)

    Ongoing coverage of the WI State Legislature continues with interviews with key newsmakers and other special guests.

  • Wisconsin Lutheran College Christmas Concert 2010 (12/01/2010)

    Milwaukee PBS presents music of the season from Schwan Hall on the Wisconsin Lutheran College campus. Dr. James Nowack directs the college choir, orchestra and chapel, as students sing popular and traditional holiday music, including O Little Town of Bethlehem, Gruber's Silent Night, and Sanctus from Requiem. Produced by Lois Maurer, directed by Raul Galvan. (Recorded December 2010)

  • Wisconsin Lutheran College Holiday Concert 2006 (2006)

    The 60-voice ensemble from the Wisconsin Lutheran College in Wauwatosa sings

  • Wisconsin Paw & Beak (1996)

    Pets can be best friends, companions, and helpers. While there are many ways to bring a pet into any family, adoption is an excellent option. This show featues Jacques Thebert and the many animals up for adoption, on location, at the Wisconsin Humane Society. Also, Jim Peck talks with families who have adopted animals from the Humane Society in the past.

  • Wisconsin Sports (1980+)

    Coverage of local high school, college, amateur and professional sports.

  • Wisconsin Tax Break '94 (1994)

    Tax experts talks about filing problems, IRS innovations, and present hints and tips.

  • Wisconsin Waterways (1998)

    This special shows how water resources affect the lives of people who live around them.

  • Wisconsin: A Capitol Gain (2001)

    The Wisconsin State Capitol building in Madison is one of the most impressive in the U.S. Built between 1910 and 1917, this 'tribute to democracy' was taped while in the final phase of a restoration project designed to return the Capitol to its original majesty. This documentary recalls the birth of the building, examines its years of decline, witnesses its reconstruction, and reveals the phenomenal results.

  • Wisconsin: An American Portrait (1999)

    This loving portrayal of Wisconsin features landscapes and people of the state, including Amnicon Falls, Witches Gulch, and Madison's Farmer's Market.

  • Women at Work (03/11/2011)

    Jeannine Armour follows three successful women working in male-dominated careers; welding, firefighting, and custom bike design. Armour is no stranger to male dominated industries. As a \lumberjill\ and commercial fisherwoman, she has worked alongside men for the past seven years, breaking boundaries and stereotypes every step of the way. Women at Work seeks to inspire and motivate young girls and women to follow their dreams regardless of society's perceived limits. (Freelance Producer Leah Dunn)

  • Working Under Fire (1998)

    Mark Siegrist takes a rare look at Milwaukee firefighters and the fires they battle.

  • Wrestling City Kids (2003)

    A dedicated coach changes the lives of members of the Custer High School wrestling team. Their story is followed, from the first day of practice, through the 2003 WIAA State Tournament. Raul Galvan talks to teachers, parents, and officials at Custer, as well as coaches around the state, and volunteer coach Roger Quindel, a Milwaukee County Supervisor. Led by Seniors Antwan McGee, Demetrius Gaines, Juan Perez, Nick Grady, Chris Johnson, and Marvel Taylor, Custer's Cougars have made academic improvements, as well. Young coach Benjamin Tomes, the 2002 Wrestling USA Magazine High School Coach of the Year, four years ago and fresh out of college, convinced the school to reinstate wrestling after a six-year hiatus. The team that is now also known for its sportsmanship made their first trip to the state team tournament in March of 2003, with a 22-4 record, and six Custer wrestlers made the Wisconsin national team.

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  • Zoo Views (1970's )

    With Dr. George Spiedel; Darlyne Haertlein hosts.