Reaction Line

Here’s an opportunity for Milwaukee PBS viewers to tell us what you want to see on public television. Specific programs will be selected for your Milwaukee PBS REACTION LINE response. The program will be identified prior to the start of the program. Please watch the program carefully. At the conclusion of the program, call the Milwaukee PBS REACTION LINE (414) 297-6356, and tell us what you think of the program. Your opinions are important to us.

Date Channel Time Episode
August 15 Milwaukee PBS 10.1 11:00 pm Beyond Sherman Park - A 10thirtysix Special
August 17 Milwaukee PBS 10.1 5:30 pm PBS Kids Young Writers & Illustrators
August 20 Milwaukee PBS 10.1 9:30 pm Al Jarreau: Coming Home
August 21 Milwaukee PBS 10.1 9:00 pm Wisconsin Hometown Stories: Neenah/Menasha
August 25 Milwaukee PBS 36.1 9:00 pm Concerts On the Square 2017
August 28 Milwaukee PBS 36.1 9:30 pm Wild Travels TV