Public Media Transforming Lives

Milwaukee PBS is proud to be a public servant to Milwaukee and the surrounding area. We strive to tell your stories, to bring light to important issues and to make a real difference in our communities.

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Public media is in danger of losing its funding and we need your help to reverse thinking that would take away one of your valuable community resources. We need our government to hear your voice.

Inspired Viewers

We don’t toot our horn often but our programming not only informs and entertains, but often it inspires viewers to be more.

Christian's Story
PBS helped Christian find his way despite family issues.

Jason's Story
Jason found a safe retreat with PBS and was inspired to follow his dream.

Yuyi’s Story
As an immigrant Yuyi didn’t know how to fit into American life until she found PBS.

Denice's Story
Despite poverty, PBS opened a new world to Denice.

David's Story
While serving in the military David used PBS to stay in touch with home.

Tell Us Your Story

Milwaukee PBS would love to hear how PBS has made a difference in your life. Please contact Julie Hill Lehr at or call 414-297-7518 with your stories.