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June 28, 2018

Television stations who participated in the FCC’s Spectrum Auction last year are required to re-align their channels, and many stations across the country are just beginning to undertake this process. To help member stations navigate this complex effort, NETA, PBS and APTS are hosting upcoming webinars this summer. The FCC and NAB has recognized Milwaukee PBS as an example of “best practices” for managing channel realignment, so these organizations have invited General Manager Bohdan Zachary to share how his station was so successful in ensuring that viewers continued to watch.

NETA is hosting its webinar on July 19. Zachary and staff from Milwaukee PBS’ administration, engineering and marketing departments will share their multi-faceted “Plan to Scan” campaign, including information on collaboration and partnerships, engineering impact, and marketing and communications and social media strategies. This webinar is offered to NETA’s member stations, and more information can be found on their member website.

PBS and APTS are co-hosting a “Post-Auction Transition” webinar on August 2 at 1:00 p.m. CST. Zachary will be joined by management from WKAR in East Lansing and Nine Network of Public Media in St. Louis - stations that have also recently completed their post-auction channel moves.. This webinar is offered to PBS and APTS’s member stations, and more information can be found on their websites.

“Milwaukee PBS worked very hard to make the channel realignment process as seamless for our viewers as possible,” said Bohdan Zachary, General Manager of Milwaukee PBS. “Our goal was to get the information out early and often, and to make it as clear and understandable as possible. I am thrilled that we were able to manage this effort with as little disruption or inconvenience to our viewers as possible, and honored to share our information with other stations so they may replicate our success.”

Milwaukee PBS, a licensee of Milwaukee Area Technical College, participated in the broadcast spectrum auction and in January of 2018, realigned its channel line-up.  Milwaukee PBS began preparing for the channel realignment several months before it was scheduled. They developed a full-scale marketing campaign titled “Plan to Scan,” which utilized social media, traditional media such as print and radio, and PSA’s on their own channels. The week of the channel realignment, Milwaukee PBS staffed a phone bank to answer questions and walk its viewers through the process of rescanning their television sets.

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