Letters from Bohdan Zachary

October 2017

Sixty years ago, the Milwaukee Vocational School (now known as Milwaukee Area Technical College) was granted a FCC broadcasting license to launch a television station.   The Milwaukee Vocational   School christened its first channel WMVS and several years later it launched a second channel, WMVT.   Initially, the college deployed its resources to teach Milwaukee residents broadcast television production and engineering and two way radio engineering at its downtown campus television studios.   During its infancy, educational telecourses were a staple of the WMVS schedule.   But eventually, the need for more programming resulted in the production of new programs that reflected high standards of the college, and local programs began to focus on stories about southeastern Wisconsin.   In no time, WMVS and WMVT became a production powerhouse and became known nationally for high quality shows that engaged, entertained and informed its viewers.     

That tradition continues to this day.   Milwaukee PBS (the overarching brand name of Channels 10 and 36) produces six local productions that continue the station’s storied history of reflecting the needs and issues of the communities it serves. That’s more original locally produced production than just about any other PBS station in the country. Milwaukee PBS’ hallways are lined with decades worth of awards and letters of recognition that celebrate and remind us of the impact our programs have had on you, our loyal members.

For many years, Channel 10’s popular Thursday night lineup has been home to Around the Corner with John McGivern™ and Outdoor Wisconsin.  Beginning October 5th, we will present Milwaukee PBS’ other outstanding and national award-winning local series as well:  iAdelante!, Black Nouveau, 10thirtysix™ and The Arts Page on that same night.   Its part of what we call Milwaukee Presents.  Our revamped Thursday night lineup is where you can learn even more about the issues, people and communities that make southeastern Wisconsin and northern Illinois one of the most vibrant regions in our country. 

Look through this month’s Fine Tuning Magazine for more information about when you’ll see these programs on Thursday evenings.  And, take a look at some of the further enhancements we’ve made to the publication after taking in constructive feedback we’ve received about the new format that debuted last month.  Our magazine team took care to make sure that the listings are easier navigate to find your favorite, and soon to be favorite, programs throughout the month.

Thank you for your feedback, for tuning in to the new Milwaukee Presents line up of local programs on Thursday nights, and for your valuable support of WMVS and WMVT:  Milwaukee PBS.


Bohdan Zachary
General Manager