Letters from Bohdan Zachary

September 2017

Welcome to the newest edition of Fine Tuning Magazine!

As a valuable benefit of your membership, we know you rely on this publication to deliver the schedules of programs on Channels 10, 36, Create, World and Milwaukee PBS Kids, station information that keeps you informed as a supporter and ways that you can become more involved in Milwaukee PBS.

With those important elements in mind, we’ve enhanced the layout of Fine Tuning to deliver what’s most important to you, and also with the benefit of saving on the cost of printing and postage we spend. 

Over the years, we’ve made strides in creating Fine Tuning formats that match with your preference in mind.  From an environmental and cost savings perspective, Milwaukee PBS supporters have the option to receive Fine Tuning each month electronically instead of in the mail.  The electronic version of Fine Tuning goes beyond the printed page with features like:

  • sneak peek videos of upcoming programs
  • links to the most up to date TV schedules
  • helpful and informative web page links about programs and events on Milwaukee PBS 
  • the ability to have Fine Tuning at your fingertips on your computer, tablet or other smart device  
  • following us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube  
  • instant registration for station events, email updates and volunteer opportunities

Registering to receive Fine Tuning electronically can be done by calling us at 414-297-8020, or online at tinyurl.com/eftuningsignup.

Whether it’s this print version of Fine Tuning, or the electronic version that you receive, we think that you’ll continue to enjoy the informative publication that has been such an important monthly reminder of your valuable investment to Milwaukee PBS.

As always, we welcome your comments.

Bohdan Zachary
General Manager