I Remember

About the Series

Each episode focused on unique memories that brought to life the people and events of another time.

Over the years I Remember saw the likes of Pulitzer prize-winning author Studs Terkel, Wisconsin Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson, five-time Grammy award-winning vocalist Al Jarreau, actor John McGivern, former Wisconsin Governor and US Senator Gaylord Nelson and many other fascinating individuals.

From Cha Lee's harrowing story of escape from Laos to Johnny Logan's triumphant recollections of winning the 1957 World Series, I Remember preserved the social, historical and cultural events of the past with those who experienced them firsthand. The series began as an expansion of the original I Remember Milwaukee programs, drawing guests and topics from beyond Southeastern Wisconsin.

I Remember, replete with spontaneous comments as well as insight and hindsight, played a special role in today's community as it develops and preserves an important oral history with the stories it captures.

Host Jim Peck, an Emmy Award winning talk show host and former network game show emcee, added his perspective and memories as a Milwaukee native and nationally known entertainer.