Black Nouveau


Episode #2208: Soldiers' Stories: A Black Nouveau Special

Latest Airdate: September 20, 2017
Original Airdate: November 7, 2013

African-Americans have fought for the United States in every war the nation has entered, often sacrificing their lives for freedoms they have been denied. Black Nouveau profiles African-American veterans who answered the call to duty: Paul Washington, Sr. (Korean War Veteran) Paul served in Korea, the first War after President Truman issued Executive Order 8891, which ended segregation in the US Armed services. He is a resident of Madison and has been very active in Veterans groups, including being president of the Korean veterans association. William Sims (Vietnam War Veteran) served in Vietnam. When he returned to Milwaukee, he was one of the founders of a veterans association which has become the National Association for Black Veterans, which has successfully helped over 65,000 Black veterans. Birdie Cowser (Desert Storm Veteran). Although she did not see action during Desert Storm, she is part of the "new reality" in the US Armed Services where women have opportunities to serve with distinction.