Around the Corner with John McGivern


Episode #507: Brewers Hill

Latest Airdate: November 3, 2016
Original Airdate: February 25, 2016

Talk about hanging with the cool kids! Just north of downtown Milwaukee, this neighborhood is the definition of revitalization. As soon as you set foot in historic Brewers Hill, you feel more eclectic, down to earth, conscientious and energetic.

So much is old and so much is new and it's all blended perfectly. Schlitz Park alone could be a whole episode. Across the street at the building known as the Fortress, one of the oldest buildings in the neighborhood, we found one of the "techiest" companies we've ever met. And in one of the oldest Lutheran churches in the city is an active congregation that is taking on education and thriving with the changing the times.

And there's plenty of fun to be had in this neighborhood, too. You have to experience Lakefront Brewery, the only brewery in Brewers Hill. Stroll through the most spectacular garden that you didn't know is there, catch some Shakespeare in the Park, row down the Milwaukee River or catch a game and some great food at SkyBox sports bar.

We have to admit that as Milwaukeeans, we have a special affinity for the Brewers Hill neighborhood and its people. And it was great for John to be one of the cool kids --- even for just a little while!