Around the Corner with John McGivern


Episode #303: Geneva Lake

Latest Airdate: May 18, 2017
Original Airdate: January 23, 2014

John could have just stayed on the lake for the whole episode, gawking at the homes, cheering for the mail boat jumpers, trying to figure out how that guy shoots up in the air on those columns of water, and hoping that the people paddleboarding stay balanced. But then he'd have missed Yerkes Observatory in Williams Bay (which you can NOT miss!), wouldn't have met Buddy Melges in Zenda (completely charmed!), couldn't have spent time with the most lovely Fontana residents (best ever lemonade!), nor would John have been served tea with his choice of hats at the Baker House in Lake Geneva (you just have to see it!).

From personal experience, we can attest that the Geneva Lake region truly has something for everyone. After we finished shooting this episode, our crew members each shared our favorite experience, and all 5 of us chose something different. Between the food, the scenery and the shopping, you too will wish that John's visit could last all summer!