Around the Corner with John McGivern


Episode #705: Viroqua

Latest Airdate: May 17, 2018
Original Airdate: February 8, 2018

Everything about Viroqua feels welcoming, community oriented, interconnected and organic! Lots of driftlessness in this area --- Driftless Café, Driftless Books, Driftless Angler... But we were more than happy to drift in and out of some great places in and around Viroqua, like Ewetopia, B&E's Trees, Jaali's Dollies, and Second Cloud on the Left organic farm.

We met cowboys, farmers and fisherpeople (did you catch that, Geri? Fisherpeople, not fishermen!), shop owners, a chef, a surgeon and a grown man who asked us to call him Spanky! How will we ever top that?!?

John has been begging that we feature Viroqua and the Kickapoo Valley for 6 years. We should have trusted him sooner because we loved every minute. (Well, except for the 20 minutes that hail storm lasted. Yikes!)