Around the Corner with John McGivern


Episode #209: Wisconsin Dells

Latest Airdate: June 8, 2017
Original Airdate: March 7, 2013

Wow! And fun! Talk about something for everyone. The Wisconsin Dells has natural wonders and manmade adventures, decades-old businesses and brand new attractions - and we loved it all! Water -- as in a flood - is what formed the landscape, and water -- as in waterpark park capitol of the world -- is what makes the Wisconsin Dells the number one tourist destination in the State. Yes, John will try anything once, so he screams down the water slides, cruises up the rivers, bounces around the curves of the go cart track, and flies under the parking lot in a roller coaster and over a lake on a zipline. We discover HoChunk pride, appreciate HH Bennett's genius, and then there's Swiss Maid Fudge and Paul Bunyun's. Need we say more? (9 of 13)