Around the Corner with John McGivern


Episode #313: Washington Heights

Latest Airdate: August 3, 2017
Original Airdate: April 10, 2014

This neighborhood has the key ingredients of a Metro Milwaukee realtor's dream: location, great housing stock and location! Throw in the fact that the neighborhood businesses, services and artists are flourishing on North Avenue and Vliet Street, and this community truly sells itself. Unfortunately, John couldn't sample the wares at Meritage or Eat Cake, or indulge with the ladies from the 53rd Street Book Club. Bad week for John McGivern to have a "procedure" scheduled! But he got the "all clear" in time to meet some Irish friends at McBob's and O'Briens. John was given the best gift ever by the owners of Gietl Signs. He was fascinated to see African hair braiding, tried to run a movie at the legendary Times Cinema (no more film, John!), and the neighbors introduced him to his first Little Free Library. John Gurda says that Washington Heights was built and designated to be a special Milwaukee neighborhood. It still is! Thanks, Washington Heights, for ending our season on a high note!