Join Emmy Award-Winning Actor John McGivern as he explores living, working and playing in Wisconsin's unique communities. Around the Corner with John McGivern began on Milwaukee PBS in 2012 as a way to showcase Wisconsin’s fabulous communities. By telling the stories of diverse people as they live, work and play in their hometowns and neighborhoods, what we really bring to light is the importance of positive community involvement.

Watch Latest Episode: Around the Corner with John McGivern, 6/7/2018 - Brookfield & Elm Grove

June 7, 2018
Brookfield and Elm Grove are only 15 minutes west of Milwaukee. The idyllic, small village of Elm Grove is surrounded by Brookfield on three sides. It has a "downtown" that is charm itself. John made art, visited private properties and an Irish Pub. Brookfield is large, has a lot of subdivisions, tons of shopping and good food. We spent time at the police department (by choice, not circumstance), at Brookfield Square and with the girls of the Glacier Hockey.

We know people in both communities --- lots of people --- who have already said, "Why didn't you just choose Brookfield?" or "Elm Grove deserved its own episode!" Here's the truth: It was just easier to include both Brookfield and Elm Grove than to drive through or around one or the other. Look, we love you all, and we love you equally! (Seriously? You thought we'd chose one and not the other? Please!...)

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