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  • Landlords and Lead

    A communication breakdown at city hall.

  • A Trip to Cuba

Watch Latest Episode: 10thirtysix, 9/21/2017 - Vietnam

September 21, 2017
We bring you the compelling and daunting stories of the Vietnam War. An often overlooked perspective from the Vietnam War is from the Hmong, the largest Asian population in southeast Wisconsin. Join us as we look back at their stories of war, how and why they aided American troops, their daunting stories of escape from Laos and why these soldiers are so grateful to the United States. We then hear from a Vietnam combat veteran about how he still struggles with the job he had to do.

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A Trip to Cuba

August 4, 2017

Milwaukee PBS’ Raul Galvan returns to his home country of Cuba to reflect on how the relationship between the nations has changed in recent years. President Donald Trump kept a campaign promise last week in Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood by signing an executive order tightening restrictions on travel and trade with Cuba, rolling back President Barack Obama’s relaxing of relations between the United States and the island.

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