Milwaukee PBS KIDS Family Night

Enjoy Milwaukee PBS’ Family Night With Your Children!

Pop the popcorn, gather the juice boxes and make a date for Family Night with your children. It’s easy with a little help from Milwaukee PBS KIDS.

Each Friday, Milwaukee PBS brings you special programming for your family. Between 6 pm and 8 pm, you can enjoy some of the PBS KIDS’ best programming including movie specials and themed programming. The Family Night specials will repeat again on Saturday and Sunday nights. You can find all the fun on Milwaukee PBS KIDS Channel 10.3 over the air or on Channel 975 on Spectrum.

You’ll see specials from all your favorites, Wild Kratts, Splash and Bubbles, Daniel Tiger and many more. Family Night will also feature world premiere movie events such as Ready Jet Go: Return to Bortron, Arthur: D.W. and the Beastly Birthday, and Dinosaur Train: Zepplin Adventure!

Remember, that you can watch Milwaukee PBS KIDS on your computer, tablet, phone and of course, on television. 

PBS KIDS Family Night Activities (December 22, 2017 – February 18, 2018)

January 5 -7:  Nature Cat: Ocean Commotion
You can go on a water adventure with Nature Cat and his friends when you play Racing Rapids. Who will you play for, Nature Cat, Hal, Squeeks or Daisy?Bring the ocean home when you create your own paper plate aquarium. Is your kid interested in the water system? You can learn more about water conservation with this activity from Adventures in Learning on PBS Parents.

January 12 – 14: Wordgirl: The Rise of Ms. Power
Help WordGirl defeat Miss Power in an epic battle of words when you play Wordgirl: Face-Off. Who’s your favorite character in Wordgirl?  You can explore your favorites, play games and download a new bookmark (for your New Year’s Reading) at Miss Power isn’t very nice, and WordGirl defeats her by using words that are kind instead of hurtful. You can practice being kind with this Compliment Card game from Wordgirl.

January 19 – 22: Odd Squad: The World Turned Odd
Have you joined the Odd Squad yet? Get your agent number and check out Agent Olympia’s locker at Do some investigative work on your own and learn a little more about the Odd Squad from Agent Olympia’s behind-the-scenes show, Odd Tube. Get ready for your missions when you build your skills playing Sector 21. Can you find all the hidden creatures? In Odd Squad: The World Turned Odd, Agents Otis and Olympia go back in time and accidentally undo every Odd Squad case ever solved (how odd!). You can experience an odd little blast from the past when you make your own DIY silly putty with this recipe from PBS Parents.

January 26 – 29:  Arthur: D.W. and the Beastly Birthday
No birthday’s complete without a party, and no party’s complete without music! You can create some crazy music with D.W.’s Crank It Up game. Create it, record it, and play it. Everyone can get in the party spirit by creating a D.W. Birthday Party complete with D.W. Birthday Crowns and Arthur themed decorations and activities. Need some snack ideas for your D.W. Birthday Party? PBS Parents’ Kitchen Explorers has a bunch of healthier party snack ideas for you.

February 2 – 4: Odd Squad: The Movie
The Odd Squad agents are going to need a lot of help if they’re going to save the world. You can brush up on your skills by working on a few cases. If you’re an Odd Squad agent, there’s one thing you need (other than a solid knowledge of math). You need your own badge. Download one here, add your agent number and customize it to reflect your agent personality. Get ready for the big event by making something sweet, slushies! And you can practice some math while you’re at it. You never know when you’ll need it!

February 9 – 11 : PBS KIDS Valentine’s Marathon
It’s a Valentine’s bonanza this weekend on the PBS KIDS Family Night Valentine’s Marathon. Get in the spirit with easy DIY Valentine’s cards including some Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood and Nature Cat. Get in the Valentine’s Day spirit when you make this Tissue Paper stained glass heart from PBS Parents. The hardest part will be deciding where to hang it. There are lots of ways to say I love you, and one of them is to read together. PBS Parents has some suggestions for books to share on Valentine’s Day.

February 16 – 18: The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About Space!
You don’t have to wait until the weekend to have a space adventure with the Cat in the Hat. Check out The Car in the Hat Knows a lot about That’s Great Space Chase and see if you can make it to Rover, wherever he is in the Solar System. Who says you need to leave Earth to enjoy space? Download the free Ready Jet Go! Space Explorer App and spend the evening looking up at the stars.  How many constellations do you see? Can’t get enough space in your house? PBS Parents’ Crafts for Kids has fun DIY projects that build on everyone’s love of space like this DIY Nebula Jar and Solar System Art.