PBS Nerds

Everyone’s a Nerd for Something…

Express your inner nerd by participating in the PBS Nerd Experience!

It’s the ultimate party that celebrates a wide variety of interests such as science, art, drama, nature, food or history – all of the topics brought to light through PBS and Milwaukee PBS’ exceptional programming and resources.

Starting on February 1, you can sign up to join Milwaukee PBS and PBS, and participate in events, challenges & activities to raise money and awareness for public media. Sign up at Great Feats to start earning points for fantastic prizes such as PBS Nerd gear, event invites, and exclusive Milwaukee PBS swag. 

Top fundraising, social, and recruiting nerds will be featured on air!

What is the "Be a PBS Nerd" campaign?

A campaign for anyone to join and share what they are a nerd for and inspire friends and family to donate to our local PBS station.

How do participants show what they are a nerd for?

You can sign up to the campaign at our Great Feats site and will get your own participant page. From there, you can create a PBS Nerd Challenge or PBS Nerd Event and then invite others to join or donate.

How do participants invite others to join the campaign or donate?

Invitations to invite others to join or donate are built right into your participant page. You can invite others through email, Facebook and Twitter. If you link your Google, Facebook and Twitter accounts, you’ll have access to your contacts.

What are PBS Nerd Challenges and PBS Nerd Events?

A PBS Nerd Challenge is a personal challenge you create that you can invite others to take on. Here are some examples:

  • I am a nerd for video games so I am going to play video games for 24 hours to raise money.
  • I am a nerd for baking so I am going to bake a different pie every day for a week.
  • I am a nerd for reading so I am going to challenge myself to read for an hour a day every day for a month.

A PBS Nerd Event is an in-person event you host and invite others to attend, such as a Downton Abbey-themed party where attendees dress up as their favorite character. 

How do participants earn points?

You’ll be awarded points for everything you do: your Nerd Challenges and Events, recruiting others to the campaign, social sharing, fundraising, and posting photos and videos. Check out the Leader Board on our campaign site for details. 

How do participants handle cash or check donations?

On your participant page, in the fundraising section, is a tab for Enter Cash/Checks that includes instructions for handling offline donations.

Want to Learn More?

Epress your inner nerd by participating in the PBS Nerd Experience. Want to join our nerdy party? Find out how!