Jazz and Classical Music Options

A message from General Manager, Bohdan Zachary

On August 31st, we will no longer offer Classical and Jazz music on Channels 35.4 and 36.5. We know that many of you have enjoyed these extra services for many years.

Unfortunately, Milwaukee PBS is relinquishing part of its bandwidth as a result of the government’s recently concluded FCC spectrum auction.

In short, there’s less space than we’ve enjoyed until now. But, I can assure you that when the behind-the-scenes engineering changes happen on January 8th of 2018, you will still enjoy the great programs on Channels 10 and 36, as well as Create, World, Weather, and PBS Kids.

Because we won’t have space for the Classical and Jazz stations in the future line-up, and because we are facing costly renewal licensing fees for these two channels this month, we elected to wind down the services.

For those who’ve enjoyed Classical and Jazz music audio stations on Milwaukee PBS, I appreciate your e-mails and calls.

We have provided some alternatives for you, below. We hope this will make the transition easier.

Thank you for understanding the decision we had to make.

Bohdan Zachary
General Manager
Milwaukee PBS


Frequently Asked Questions

Milwaukee PBS Jazz and Classical services are ending on August 31st. To ensure users of these services are
aware of this information, notices have been placed on each channel, an email has been sent to all in our
viewing area and the announcement has been included in the last two Tuned In e-newsletters and is in the
September issue of Fine Tuning Magazine.
To aid in any inquiries that may be received from concerned viewers and donors, answers to most frequently
asked questions are below:
Why are Classical and Jazz services going away?
As part of its participation in the recent Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) Spectrum Auction, Milwaukee PBS relinquished
some of its broadcasting bandwidth to be repurposed for national communications needs, including increased demand for cellular
To prepare space for Channels 10 and 36 on our remaining broadcasting bandwidth we must streamline the breadth of digital
services we currently offer. A review of the expense of our suite of 9 digital services has resulted in our decision to end Classical and
Jazz services when current contracts for them expire on August 31st.
Was this decision made because of funding?
The Classical and Jazz services are annual contracted services that have an annual expense each year. Ending these services does
save Milwaukee PBS some expense. However, the primary decision to let these contracts expire is due to the need for the
broadcasting bandwidth space these services currently occupy, which will be needed for Channel 10 and 36 repacking occurring in
late December/early January.
Where else can I listen to Classical and Jazz in Milwaukee?
Classical music Sundays 3:00 – 6:00 p.m.
Cable/Satellite Providers: Cable/Satellite Providers:
AT&T U-verse: Channel 5146
DirecTV: Channels 864-868 (Advantage Package)
Dish Network: Channels 6074-6076
Spectrum (Charter/Time Warner): Channel 934
TDS: Channels 5050 (Expanded Packages)
Cable/Satellite Providers: Cable/Satellite Providers:
AT&T U-verse: Channel 5141-5146
DirecTV: Channels 801-803, 850-855 (Advantage Package)
Dish Network: Channels 6066-6072
Spectrum (Charter/Time Warner): Channel 945
TDS: Channels 5044-5047 (Expanded Packages)
How can I express my concern over this matter?
We can, of course, share any concerns with station management. Provide us with your name, address, telephone and/or email
address and comments.