Coming to Milwaukee PBS…We’ll Meet Again

New 6-Part Series Premieres on Milwaukee PBS 10 Tuesday, January 23 at 7:00 pm

Ann Curry explores some of history’s most dramatic events through the personal stories of the people who lived through them. We’ll Meet Again reunites people whose lives intersected at pivotal moments, from a Vietnam War baby desperate to find the American father she last saw 40 years ago, to the military chaplain who helped a stranger through the trauma of 9/11. From a Japanese-American girl interned in 1942 who never forgot the classmate who stood by her, to civil rights workers whose lives were forever changed by the deep relationships they forged in the 1960s South.

With its focus on ordinary people who have experienced extraordinary things, We’ll Meet Again investigates history in a new way.

Tell Us Your We'll Met Again Story

We'd like to hear from you about how moments in history have impacted your life. Tell us how someone made a difference in your life during an important historical event by sharing your story. 

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